Monday, January 28, 2013

We Got Some Snow With Rain On Top

Can you say freezing rain?  Can you say frozen streets?  Can you say bobsled run?  Or maybe luge or that other one, um, skeleton?  It started snowing about 3 PM, really big, calendar-type snowflakes and just kept going until we'd gotten an inch or two.  Then it got warmer and started raining, I guess.  The young couple across the street have the biggest sloped driveway.  They shoveled late last evening and were out sledding down it with their little one.  Today it looks like a bobsled run.  I don't see how they're going to get up to their garage... unless it really warms up and melts that ice.  It's very shiny and treacherous looking.  I will be starting my slow trip across town to work by going downhill out of the driveway instead of up.  Yes, I will.  Oh, goodie, I just realized that the snow will have kept the ice off Beverly's windshield.  Hooray.  Whew.  The worst part of the increase in temps is the increase in cloud cover.  I do understand that something has to hold in the warmer temps but I need a little sunshine, peoples, need it.

I'm happy to say that I am not creaky and sore from my long snowshoe tromp the day before yesterday.  I'm actually kind of surprised, but glad.

I am not glad that I downloaded Windows 8 the other day.  It has totally bollixed up my laptop's brain.  Not only did it erase Word (not the files so all my writing's safe and I reinstalled MS Office so it's back) and my bookmarks (in Firefox, I didn't have them in Explorer), but now it won't recognize my iPod so it took off all my apps.  Gah!  Did I know this would happen?  Hell no.  Am I glad I did it?  Not yet, but I am getting a teensy tiny bit of satisfaction in figuring out how to creep back, reloading things and refinding bookmarks.  Maybe if I watched the "how to" pages instead of just crashing around in frustration...  I'll try that next.  I called Tech Support, well IM-ed them, and when I asked about a tutorial he only told me that I could spend $49 buck for a course, did not guide me to the introduction to Windows 8 that I think I saw.  I suspect that he was typing his responses from a script they sounded so much like a commercial.  Tsk.  I'll go back and look for it and work my way through.  That stuff does help, if you're smart enough to use it.

January 28--Nepal, Krishna Attacking the Castle of Prag-Jyoshita to Recover the Earrings.  It's like a child drew it.  The perspective's all off and the people are too big.  Some of them are sideways and some are upside down.  These people are bigger then the buildings and all the fighters are bunched together in lines with their swords held high overhead.  The back ones would definitely chop the front ones up.  It makes it hard to appreciate the painting because it's hard not to see the bigness of them.  

Well, I thought that sucked last night and I still do.  It sounds like whining to me.  Ah well, I can't be brilliant every night.  I think it's time to go read, okay skim, the newspaper (I only read the comics, the advice column, my horoscope, and the crossword thoroughly, unless some headline catches my eye and then I read it) while eating my cereal.  Aw man, I just saw my renter shoveling my driveway so I went out to ask her to stop because if it rains more then it'll freeze on the snow, not the cement.  Now she thinks I'm nuts, I'm sure, since it's supposed to thaw today, but I don't like to take chances.  I'll shovel off the remains tomorrow morning.  I'm outta here.

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Aunt B said...

It is so hard to visualize that snow! I have daffodils blooming in the front yard! Really crazy weather this year. Is it always like this?? I don't think so.