Sunday, January 27, 2013


The January program at Bay Lakes Knitting Guild was how to read and make knitting charts.  Charts are a graphic way to write out a knitting pattern that are especially helpful with complex designs.  VJ, the prez and presenter, gave us each a chart blank and encouraged us to quickly design something that could be knitted into a dishcloth.  Naturally, I drew a fish, and last night I decided to get some graph paper and see about figuring out how to knit what I drew.  So far I've only had to rip it out once, so I think I'm doing well.  I did discover that I'm doing it backwards.  I mean the flat, stockinette part is on what I thought was the Wrong Side, which means that the design will be facing right instead of left.  Oh well,  I'm going to keep going as I am, get it all written out, see how the design looks, and then figure out how to turn the whole thing around.

At Friday Night Knitting I crocheted another Short Row dishcloth.  Well, I got it all done except for sewing the beginning and end together, and single crocheting around the edge.  Ooh, I should have made a little chain to use for a loop.  Oh well.

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