Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lemon Sky

(I'd rather have a lemon pie, but no such luck.)  I just glanced out and the far eastern sky is a pale, pale yellow.  The western sky is pink.  Evidently the sunrise moves across the sky just like the sunset does and I've never noticed it.  Bad form for such a dedicated sky watcher as me.  None of this color will stay, of course.  Before I know it the sky will be a high arch of pale blue and the temperature will rocket up to... 17 for the day.  

You'd better believe that I'm wearing multiple layers of clothes to work since I sit there knitting or web surfing, don't do much to warm myself up.  Lunch is a real landmark of the day.  Yesterday JJ (one of the dive instructors) limped in (he fell off the ladder at work a while back and it still hurts; his foot's broken but in a place they can't splint so he just needs to wear firm-soled shoes [no tennies or slippers] until it heals itself, bummer) on his way home from the doc so I had someone to talk to for half an hour.  It made my day.  Plus my hands were freezing and his are warm so while we talked about his delayed custom drysuit he warmed mine up.  Now it'll look like we were holding hands on the security cam but we weren't, not really.  Nope not holding hands with JJ.  Only with Durwood.  Okay, JJ's and my hands were together but it wasn't meaningful, only warm and friendly.  No, not that kind of friendly either.  Some customer once asked if we were married but we both had one of those "ewww" shivers.  It was kind of funny.  We're more like sister and brother.  I also got online and ordered another box of 40 pairs of toe warmers, the previous box is about gone.  My feet freeze even with wool socks so I stick these little chemical packs to my socks and they stay warm all day.  Totally worth a buck a pack.

That's all for today.  I didn't write last night, don't know why, just wasn't in the mood, also it was cold in here.  See ya.

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Aunt B said...

Brrrr! Wintertime coming to Wilmington too. High yesterday was seventy-something; today in the low forties!