Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Evidently January Is A Random Weather Month

or maybe it's just this week, because we had freezing rain with thunder last night, it's supposed to get up near 50 degrees today, 5-8 inches of snow tomorrow, and single digit highs on Thursday and Friday.  Oh. My. God.  It's like we live in the Weather Lab where they make whatever weather they want to study and inflict it on us.

The week before last our neighborhood sharp-shinned hawk bumped the patio door and spent a few minutes collecting itself on the patio so we got to take closeups.  Cool, huh?

Our street is a treacherous sheet of wet ice (downhill only today) and the renter called to say that her one basement window is leaking.  Dammit.  Time to call the handyman, I guess.  And Durwood's van won't start again and the AAA guy says it isn't the battery, maybe it's the starter, but that means this afternoon we call AAA again to have it towed to Dell's to get fixed.  Thank god for AAA but I'd rather not need to use it, and why is it always winter and crap weather when we need it?  This week shows me why people run away from Wisconsin in the winter.  I'd like to run away too.  NOW.

January 29--French, Arm Reliquary.  The man with the silver arm, Gene thought as he looked at the reliquary on the library shelf.  It sounded like one of the B movies they used to show on Saturdays down at the Strand theater when he was a kid.  He grew up in a small Indiana town in the 1950s when it was safe to send the kids to the movies for the afternoon.  Mom gave them a quarter to get in and another quarter for some candy.  His favorite was Milk Duds but he would trade for a few Jujubes.  Milk Duds were good trading currency; five of the chocolate covered caramel drops were good for ten or even twelve of anything else.  Now Milk Duds stuck to his dental work and threatened to pull out his fillings whenever he ate them.

Enjoy your day.  I've got to get dressed because Durwood's got a doctor's appointment today and we've got other errands.  Of course we do, the weather's crap today but still we have to go out.  I supposed a bit of fog and ice is better than going out in the midst of a big snowfall.  I get to do that tomorrow.  Lucky me.  (can you tell I'm a bit cranky today?)

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Aunt B said...

No wonder you're cranky. This winter weather is enough to make a strong man (or woman) weep! Cold one day, warm the next!! So very, very odd. Nice pic of that hawk!