Thursday, January 10, 2013

I Had Actual Customers *better, Dave?*

3 of 'em, paying ones too.  But I was calm and cool, didn't jump around with glee (until they left) although two of them are headed out to warmer climes tomorrow, one to Puerto Rico for a MONTH and the other to Bonaire (BONAIRE!!!) for just a week but to my beloved Bonaire... makes me sigh.  And I had to call to ask KC if he'd do a scuba refresher next Monday and I had to ask how their 10 days in Bonaire last month over Christmas was.  It was slightly mollifying that it rained the entire first day they were there (very slightly) but really even a rainy day in Bonaire isn't all that annoying, I mean, you're diving so you're wet anyway.  No biggie.

Just to torture us I'm thinking of inviting them over for supper to hear their vacation tales and look at their vacation photos and videos.  I would love to be going to Bonaire tomorrow or any day this winter (can you tell?) but I think I would hate to fly anymore.  I mean, when it was less restrictive it still took a day or more to get there and involved at least 5 airports.  It's one of those "you can't get there from here" kind of places, worth the time once you're there but a pain to get there.  Although I have always loved airports and we always managed to find a nice place outside Miami and San Juan airports so we weren't trapped inside on layovers when we were in warm places, it's still a loooong day and a pain.  Why hasn't anyone come up with a Star Trek-like transporter yet?  They've had years to do it and look at all the science-y advances since it was first on teevee, they should totally have figured that out by now.  I wanna be beamed up, Scotty!

In Photo a Day news I'm going to use tomorrow's theme "water" today and tackle today's theme "one o'clock" tomorrow so that I can post a raft of old Bonaire ocean water photos as today's photo.  I can't help it; it's been on my mind all day.  (yeah, ALL day, tsk, it's barely 7:30 AM, I'm such a child)  Plus it's my blog and I get to do what I want on it.  *nods confidently, also childishly*  

It's supposed to warm up again today, melt more snow, and maybe keep me and KW from snowshoeing Saturday or Sunday.  Maybe.  There'll probably be enough snow in the park because of all the trees--or we'll sit in her living room and knit.  Either way, it'll be good.  

And I think I've turned the corner, eating-wise.  I hopped on the Wii Fit cafeteria tray thing-y and it said I've lost weight.  Yay!  The green soup's working and, man, is it tasty.  I'll totally be making it again.  

Oh, and I took the Jeopardy! online test last night.  It's 50 questions and you don't have to answer in question form.  I did okay, didn't answer every one (where do goiters grow? I couldn't remember) but I answered some and I can take it again.  They're good for 18 months and next will come an in-person tryout if I get to the next level.  I always wondered how I'd do.  They don't tell you how many you got right but it was fun to try.  I suspect I'm much smarter at home than I'd be on that stage.

January 10--Constantinople, Early Byzantine Period, Plate with the Battle of David and Goliath.  Nobody thought he had a chance but he kept his eye on his target and kept pulling the trigger.  Every deal, every dollar meant that he was winning.  He knew that his handicap was that he was small and almost fatally under-capitalized but being small worked in his favor.  He worked face to face with his customers.  There weren't layers of corporate smoke and mirrors between him and them.  His real gift was service.  He made himself accountable for making them happy.  He was determined to stay in business, to not be the David to corporate America's Goliath.

Okay, kiddos, you have a good day.  I'm off to make working and then go to the Bay Lakes Knitting Guild meeting to show off this month's FOs (finished objects, as opposed to UFOs which are unfinished objects).  I didn't see one bison on the Old Faithful cam yesterday.  Maybe I should call that ranger post and complain...
--Barbara Sue


Judy "Redbird" Bridges said...

You can't go to Bonaire until you figure out how to include



in your

posts :)

~ Dave

Aunt B said...

Uh oh -- sounds like Judy is in line to be your editor! But at least we know why you can't go to Bonaire!!!