Friday, January 11, 2013

A Long Overdue FO

That's Finished Object to the muggles.  (can you tell I'm relistening to the Harry Potter books?)  The summer and early fall before Mom died she was knitting herself a capelet to take along when she played bridge in chilly restaurants over the winter.  She didn't get it finished so I took it home with me when we cleaned out her apartment, and I won't even go into what size a job that was.  Anyway, I tried a couple times to finish it since all it needed was the neck stitches picked up, 6 rows of garter stitch, then the addition of the already-knitted I-cord fastener loop, and the pattern described I-cord coil button to hold it closed.  I couldn't manage to wrap my mind around picking up the stitches even though that's something that I know how to do blindfolded.  I finally understood that it wasn't the right time to finish the capelet so I put it away, but not so far away that I didn't see it every time I searched for yarns or other UFOs.  Last weekend when I put the Christmas things away it was the right time.  I brought it to work with me yesterday and late in the afternoon I hauled it out, picked up the stitches lickety-split, knitted those 6 rows, and before I knew it I was binding off.  After supper I wove in all the tails, then got a ceramic button that I got at Arti Gras last winter, placed the knitted loop and button, and sewed them on.  I didn't take the time to block it yet because I want to take it to the knitting guild meeting tonight but it'll get to take a little swim in wool wash this weekend and then dry all patted flat on my foam blocking squares.

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