Saturday, January 12, 2013

Look At The Time!

This has been a busy day so far.  Odd for a Saturday... but I ran downtown to the Farmer's Market for Durwood's tomatoes and then we had to go to the funeral of one of DS's best friend's mother.  *sigh*  The only time Durwood and I have seen those children/people over the last couple years has been at one or another parent's funeral.  Not the way we want to see them at all.  I will say that Linda's sons did her proud today.  She had wanted no service after her death and so they arranged a short wake at a funeral home where they read a few poems and said how she had loved them, only wanted ever to be a mom and when she couldn't have babies adopted two who really appreciated the way they were raised and loved.  I only hope that DS & DD know that I love them with every fiber of my being as well as AS & JS know that about their mom.  Godspeed, Linda, you did a great job.
Recently Durwood bought a gadget, a pomegranate deseeder, something I never knew we needed since we rarely buy them.  Turned out we did need one because he bought a pomegranate for under a dollar at Aldi last week and the gadget made seeding it a breeze.  You just cut the pomegranate in half, place it cut side down on the deseeded, and bonk it with a big spoon which knocks the seeds out onto a plate you've put under the doodad.  Nifty.
Over the last couple days most of the snow has melted which means that there's no snowshoeing for me and KW tomorrow.  No moonlight snowshoe hike out at Mosquito Hill Nature Center tonight either.  I'm hoping that there'll be snow for a snowshoe class at Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve on the 26th.  I'm determined to get out a few times this winter after not going once last winter.  Not surprising since we had very little snow last winter but still my only snowshoe outing was playing with Porter in DS & DIL1's backyard.  I wanna do better this year.

I took advantage of the warm temps and melting snow to bring Fifi in.  She was the last lawn decoration left in the neighborhood and it was time.  *sigh*  Nights will be darker around here without that big pink bird lit up at night.

January 12--John White Alexander, Repose.  January hoped he wasn't painting her with goosebumps.  It was cold and drafty in the studio and Mistral expected her to pose for hours.  She was cold and she had to pee, but she was sure she'd fall if she stood because her legs had long before fallen asleep.  When the painter posed her he ran his hands over her.  She loved his rough hands on her silky skin.  His hands were warm; she wished his hands were warming her right now.  "Stay awake," he said when her eyes drooped and her head sagged onto her arms.  "You change the line when  you stop concentrating."  "I'm freezing and I have to pee.  Unless you want me to ruin this uncomfortable soft you'll give me a robe and let me up."

And now I have to put some yarns onto my Ravelry account and I want to research patterns for some of the yarn that I unearthed when I went through the stash yesterday and today after lunch.  It's January and time to toss the stash so nothing extraordinary gets lost.  A project list will be made.

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