Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bye Bye, Ladies

Well, DD & DIL2 have driven off on their way to pick up cheese for friends and then wend their way back to Lexington, KY (I think I need to specify,seems there's Lexingtons in just about every state) to reenter their regular lives.  *sigh*  It was lovely to have them here for a few days.  We had a family photo taken last night and I think it might be a good one.  The photographer wasn't very creative in the poses but all we needed was one acceptable shot.  We don't have a crapton of family to hand pictures out to so we chose one pose and a few sheets, only $15 worth.  Didn't break the budget.  There are a few random snowflakes flying by my window but nothing like last week's blizzard plus the girls are driving out of snow country so I'm not worried.  I need to zoom to the bank this morning and Durwood asked me to go to Aldi for chicken and blueberries (he's a real bargain shopper) but beyond that I intend to imitate a slug today and maybe tomorrow too.  Tomorrow DS & DIL1 fly away to Whistler, BC to ski with her family for a week so that means no Porter and no Henny & Penny to play with for a week.  They didn't ask me to dog or chicken sit so I'm footloose and fancy free.  Not like I'm usually tied up and over-scheduled but I just want to revel in it a bit.  I've been thinking I should draw up a plan for 2013.  I have some goals I'd like to shoot for and think it might be a good idea to break them up into smaller chunks, something more achievable and less intimidatingly huge, so that I have a little better chance of not disappointing myself quite as epically as I usually do.  Plus I like making lists and charts.  I think I even have some colored pencils rolling around under the bed... I'm thinking old school.  Since I don't have a smartphone or a tablet, oh wait, I have my Kindle Fire, that's like a tablet.  Maybe I can find a calendar app... now I have something to do while I lounge on the couch today.

January 3--Habiballah of Sava, The Concourse of the Birds.  Galen heard the soft flutter of wings.  The window over her head was open for the first time since late autumn.  She lay feeling the cool dawn air spill over the windowsill carrying the fragrance of damp earth and sunshine.  She reached her foot out across the wide bed but there was no warm body there.  Steve was an early riser which was a good thing for her because he made the coffee.  She inhaled but there was no aroma of brewing.  Maybe he had just gotten up.  It was early.  Maybe he had gone out for bagels.  That'd be good.  She should get up to make the coffee and surprise him.

I meant for her to find him sprawled in the kitchen but I kept falling asleep.  You'll have to imagine that.  Enjoy your day, kids.

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Aunt B said...

I know no good thing is waiting for her. Poor Steve!!! Now we'll never know why the coffee wasn't made! Loved talking with you. Glad the girls are back in KY safe and sound. And glad you had such a good visit and holiday with them. XXXXX