Thursday, January 31, 2013

Now That's Snow

None of that namby-pamby thin skim of flakes that pretends to be a snowfall.  Snowstorm Denise was a blustery babe that came in with 8.2 inches of light, powdery snow that covered all the pathetic leftovers from Tuesday's rainy melt.  Kept the customers away from the dive shop too.  FedEx, UPS, the mail lady, and one of the instructors and his wife on their way to Happy Joe's for pizza for lunch were the only other humans in the building through the day.  The UPS guy brought me 6 boxed tanks with valves and 4 boxes of weights so I even had things to open, price, and put away for a while.  It took me longer to unstaple the tank boxes than it did to assemble and fill them but that's okay; I'd rather have something work-y to do than to spend the entire day killing time.  Now, I did have time to sew half of my afghan blocks together too so the day was a success all around.

AND I found the last bowl of green chicken soup in the very back of the fridge so I only had to yoink one bowl of Durwood's latest version of tomato soup for work lunch today.  Yay for soup.  There will be soup making on Saturday.  A fridge needs soup this time of year.  I also found recipes for hot chocolate that's only 2 WW Points Plus per serving (I didn't calculate the recipe I made last weekend; I'm sure it's in the neighborhood of, oh, a bajillion per) and reduced fat mac & cheese that has been nagging at me so much that I got some reduced fat sharp cheddar the other day, so I'll be making those too.  I love cooking and don't get to do it much now that Durwood's taken over the day to day job which I totally love and I'm totally willing to let him have it all--planning, shopping, cooking, and cleaning up.  *dusts off hands*  Totally.  Oh.  It just came to me that it's Super Bowl weekend so we might have to make some snacky-type foods for Sunday supper.  That'd be fun to make healthy-ish stuff instead of a "real" meal.  I should consult the chef.

Durwood's van should come back home from the fix-it shop today which means that Beverly will be sleeping outside again.  I got spoiled in the olden days when Durwood's vehicle was the one outside because he'd drive off earlier than me and stay away for days.  We both miss that; I wonder if we'll ever stop pining for the olden days when he traveled.  Probably not.

January 31--William Henry Fox Talbot, Photogenic Drawing.

Flower petals
shapes on film.
Early scientific
play with light,
floral perfume over
chemical stench.

Does one stem count as a bouquet?  He barely kept it from freezing stuck there in his coat, warmed by his breath.

Man, writing is thin on the ground lately.

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