Friday, January 25, 2013

Finishing Continues

Yesterday I had actual work to do at work so I was forced to finish the last Bandwagon Afghan block at home after supper.  I laid them out in the living room and think the afghan's going to look great.  The pattern calls for applied I-cord edging.  I need to watch a few more YouTube videos about how to do it before I decide whether I'm doing it or not... but I probably will.

When I laid them out I was sad to see that I'd forgotten to weave in the tails on one of the blocks.  *sigh*  It's always better to weave them in as you go along.  One day I might even learn how to knit them in as I go.  Now wouldn't that be good?


Aunt B said...

Another project finished!! You're definitely starting the new year right. The afghan looks beautiful but that quilt is still my favorite.

Ann said...

Way to go! This is really looking fantastic! The finishing is kind of Zen once you get into it--you'll be done before you know it.