Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Snowstorm Denise Is Ramping Up

An hour ago it was barely snowing and we'd only gotten half an inch since midnight.  That's changing even as we speak.  The flakes have beefed up and they're falling like they really mean it, plus it's getting windier by the minute.  Yippee.  The only good thing I can see is that Beverly got to spend the night in the garage since Durwood's van got hauled off to the mechanic's yesterday late afternoon and won't get worked on until today so I don't have to brush snow off my car before I drive off into the storm... to work in a scuba shop where I am certain I will be overrun with customers.  Not.  I gathered up all the afghan squares and a skein of yarn to take to work.  Might as well sew squares together all day since Lala's flying off to San Francisco for a workshop and then a few days of hiking in the redwoods so she won't be online to "talk" to.  I can listen to an audiobook and sew squares, answer the phone and get paid to do it all, easy.
The other day I glanced out the back window to see the birdie trees shaking a bit.  Mr. Squirrel was up in the branches eating the corn kernels I tossed in there on Sunday.  I don't begrudge them winter food.  Durwood thinks they should leave everything for the birds but I say squirrels get hungry too, besides if you argue with a squirrel you just look nuts.  And they're not trainable. (neither Durwood nor squirrels; sorry, Dear)
After Durwood's doc visit with the breathe-ologist (everything seems to be working okay)  I went to get my nails done.  While I was there her 6 year old son came in from school.  He's a very cute, kind of solemn little guy and he asked if I'd like to buy his book.  Yep, his book.  Seems he and his 8 year old cousin Jadin wrote and illustrated a Batman book and he was selling copies for a dollar.  I had a dollar and bought a book.  See?  It's 9 pages long (that's a lot of printing!) and fully illustrated with both hand-drawn and "borrowed" images.  I'm happy to support a fellow writer.

January 30--Peter Paul Rubens, Venus and Adonis.  It's hard for Dad to leave for work when Mom's hanging on his arm luring him back to bed (she's naked, or nearly) or a cherub of a child (also naked) clutches his leg to make him stay.

That's when the well ran dry.  I hope it's not snowing where you are today.  I wish it weren't snowing on the wet roads making a slick mess where I am.  Take it slow today, I am.



BFayBooks said...

Yup, snowing 60 miles SW of you, too. But I'm definitely not thinking about going out into it! Work & play enough to do here at cozy home. Big windows on all sides, food and drink, I'm set for the duration!

Susan Marlene Kinney said...

Hi Barbara! It has been snowing to beat the band in Manitowoc also. Even my hubby got to go home early. Hope all is well with you!!

Aunt B said...

Saw GB on NBC News last night and knew you'd be happy with all that snow. Hope you get to do some more snowshoeing now that REAL winter is there! I'm with D on the squirrels. Ever since that one got into the house when we were in Winston and practically destroyed the place, I've stopped thinking they're cute. But, I know, they do have to eat! Be careful out there.