Sunday, January 20, 2013

Not Gone With The Wind

Yesterday it got up to 42 degrees and was partly sunny, then last night the wind picked up out of the northwest and tried to blow us all to kingdom come.  Some of the gusts made our custom fitted living room window whistle.  If we'd have had patio furniture out it'd all have been in the neighbor's yard in a heap.  As it was all the seed was blown out of the hanging platform feeder and the PVC pipe squirrel deflector from one of the summer hanging spots blew right off.  Today it's only normal windy.  I was just getting into bed last night when I realized that DS & DIL1 were driving home from a brew fest in Madison but I called this morning and they made it just fine.

Speaking of birds (how's that for a smooth segue?), I forgot to tell you that I saw a bald eagle flying along the highway when we were driving home from visiting Leonardo in Appleton last Tuesday.  Somehow things like that just don't feel real until I put it on the blog.  That's kind of sad, isn't it?  I shared the sighting with Durwood but felt bad that I forgot to tell you all out there in blog-land.

I'm also putting it out there in blog-land that as soon as I hit the Publish button on this post I will be opening a Rewrite #5 file in Word and re-keying the first 2 pages of The Sea View.  I know I could do more but I figure, like doing 2 rows per day on the Maple Tree Scarf, I can do 2 pages a day, not too much, not nothing, and maybe whack my way through the darned thing.  (or I'll use the pages as kindling)

January 20--Christian Wiltberger, Teapot.  The silver teapot lay on the wide plank floor, the tea and all of the tray's contents strewn around it.  Lane and Jessica slumped in their chairs on either side of the tea table as if felled by gas.  "Mama?"  Chas stood in the doorway, her hand outstretched.  Rain dripped off her coat onto the rug.  "Uncle Lane?"  No one stirred but still she hesitated to enter the room.

I have no idea what's next.  Hopefully that'll come tonight.  I'm going to... type 2 pages.


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Aunt B said...

Windy, cold, yikes!!! Wintertime way up north! But good for you getting back to The Sea View. Can't wait to read the finished product.