Friday, January 11, 2013

So, Fog...

and last night there was actual non-freezing rain pelting down when I left the knitting guild meeting.  It's crazy weather for January in Wisconsin.  Crazy.  I just made the executive decision (because I can) that I'm going to use "water" as my Photo a Day theme again today.  The official one yesterday was "one o'clock" and I gotta say that at 1 o'clock in the afternoon I was eating my lunch at work and talking to BD on the phone, not thinking of taking a picture, and at 1 o'clock in the morning I was dead asleep.  So today you get a photo of snow turning into water.  *sigh*  It's supposed to be over 40 degrees today and early tomorrow and then plummet into the low 20s and stay that way next week.  *double sigh*  (excuse me while I nip across the street to nab the neighbor's tossed-out Christmas tree. the squirrels are nibbling off the PB-ed branches of DS & DIL1's tree so fast that it's looking a bit thin so I'll be putting another tree out there.  pretty soon I'll have a grove!)  I never thought I'd say this but I'd like this snow to stay and more to arrive, a snowfall every few days would get me out with the shovel (exercise) and out snowshoeing (more exercise)--this is so not like me.  BTW, it was snowing to beat the band in Yellowstone yesterday, where's ours?

I read on another blog the other day about a way to manage those days when you want to do it ALL--write or rewrite (I neeeeed to do that and can't seem to get to it), knit, sew, clean (ugh, clean, necessary but... ugh), exercise, reorganize my yarn area.  Yarnagogo suggests setting an alarm for an hour, doing whatever for that hour (no organizing thread or colored pens to procrastinate during that time--guilty), and then moving on to the next craft or task.  She admits that you probably won't FINISH anything in that time but at least you'll have done something rather than waffling around and getting nothing accomplished at all.  This may be the solution to my current malaise.  I can endure nearly anything for an hour.  This probably means a trip to the dollar store for a cute wind-up timer with a loud bell.  Ooh, procrastination.  F.Y.I.--I'll be setting my exercise timer for no more than 30 minutes, maybe even 20, gotta work up to an hour.

One of the comments on yesterday's blog post was that I don't get to go to Bonaire until I learn to put paragraphs in my posts.  So here they are, DB.  Where's my ticket?  I'm all packed.

Mrs. Boss came into the store yesterday (way to put the brakes on my efficient accomplishment of my work, CS, turns out she does get to boss me around, it's that paycheck thing) to do some final prep for her trip to Honduras tomorrow for some Caribbean diving.  Then two of the people going with her stopped in, plus two people going to the Bahamas with her in March came in.  I like all those people.  I hate them.  (not really... but sorta)

January 11--Attributed to Martin Carlin, Secretaire.  It looked like a magician's box to Charlotte.  She had seen a man put a pretty lady in a box just like that and then poke swords through without hurting her.  Charlotte was smart enough to know that was a trick because she had seen Perry almost cut his fingertip off trying to do a knife trick.  He needed stitches to close the cut and she was very impressed that it looked like the doctor used Mama's sewing thread to do the job.  Charlotte ran her fingers over the sides of the box on legs to see if she could figure out how to open it.  She was careful not to scratch any of the gold or the pretty flower paintings on the sides.  She was standing on tiptoe trying to open the front of it when Grandad caught her.  "You might have asked before exploring my secretary.  It would have been polite."  He drew up a chair, pulled Charlotte onto his lap, pulled a tiny key from his pocket, and pulled the whole front down.  She gasped to see all the slots and drawers and cubbyholes tucked inside.

Time to seed the pomegranate.  Hey, Durwood bought a gadget; we need to try it out.  See ya.


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