Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I Finished The Blueberries

No, that doesn't have anything to do with today's post but I need to remember to tell Durwood that.  It's on my mind.  It came out my fingers.  I'm too lazy to change it.  Plus I kind of like the randomness of it.  Last night when I left work around 6:30 PM it was full dark and bitter cold.  I looked up at the sky to see not one cloud, not one star (too much light pollution in the city), but a crescent moon.  I clapped a wool hat on my head, turned on the car to warm up a bit, and used the car as a tripod to help hold the camera steady to try for a picture.  I did it!  Look!  I absolutely love looking at the sky to see what's up there at that moment.  Ever since the Hale Bopp comet came by in 1997 (that long ago???) and was visible with the naked eye I've looked up when I leave the store, plus looking at the sky is like taking a break from my hurried life just for a second.  It's kind of like a hug makes me feel, my shoulders relax and I take a deeper breath.  Sometimes it makes all the difference in the day.  You should try it.
Today's Photo a Day theme is "an ordinary moment" so here's that first-thing-in-the-morning ordinary moment with 2 cups of coffee, the newspaper, and a crossword puzzle waiting in the wings.
Durwood and I are driving down to Appleton to see the Leonardo's machines exhibit today.  It's pricey to enter ($15/pp) but when else will we have the chance to see something that intriguing?  Never, that's when, this is the only Midwestern exhibition, so we're going.  If you're interested, click the link.  It'll only be there until February 3.

Do you make New Year's resolutions?  I kind of do.  I'm old enough and self-aware enough that I don't go around trumpeting my over-the-top goals for the year, but I do have hopeful thoughts that scurry around in my feeble brain, and I'm old enough and experienced enough to make them flexible goals rather than absolute ones, that way I'm more likely to approach success.  My standard resolution is to not buy yarn or fabric.  I make that one every year (fabric just made the list last year) and that keeps my fiber buying to a minimum, which I interpret as a win.  I realized a while back that I must have liked the stuff when I originally bought it so I must still like it; I just have to find things to make with it.  I'm also going to see about instituting Yarnagogo's 1-hour accomplishment plan.  I bought a cheap timer at the dollar store on Sunday, now I just have to DO it.  (there's the rub, but I'll get there)  The resolution that I haven't even gotten close enough to to cast my shadow on it is to begin rewriting a manuscript that I think might be approaching doneness.  Maybe if I made a list, or a schedule...  I've been finishing knitting projects that have been languishing so, yeah, while I'm accomplishing things I should make a chart and get that writing project undertaken.

January 15--Horace Pippin, Victorian Interior II.  The room had probably been well-kept and neat.  Certainly the Mason's were a tidy family but the room was in chaos.  Chairs and tables were overturned, painting hung askew, and not one book remained on the shelves.  It looked like a hurricane had come through.  Johanna Mason stood in the doorway, her hands hanging limp at her sides.  A policeman in a rumpled brown sport coat stood next to her.  He was talking, maybe even to her, but all Johanna heard was a far-away buzzing, like distant bees.

Ol' Horace had a problem with perspective but it's an intriguing painting.  I didn't like what I wrote last night but this morning it kind of appeals to me.  Time for granola and yogurt and museuming, plus there's a cold draft on my ankles sitting here in this corner.  Avaunt!

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Aunt B said...

Resolutions! Right now I'm resolving to make one! Last year's was to plan each week's menu in advance, write it down and then not have to think "what's for dinner" for a whole week. Still kinda doing that but I feel like I should have a new one this year.