Friday, January 4, 2013

Sucked In By Computer Games

I don't think I sat on the couch once yesterday.  I turned on my laptop when I got done with my errands and never looked up until it was full dark and Durwood was rattling Tupperware ready to heat up leftovers for supper.  Oh, I did have go wander into the living room a time or two to help him exit or figure out something on one of the new games we're now both addicted to.  See. St. Nick went to the dollar store to find stocking-stuffers and came across PopCap game CDs with hidden object games on them.  Those who received them have allowed those of us who didn't to install them on our computers so we can play too. Have you ever played those?  Don't.  You get stuck thinking "I'll just do one more search" and the next thing you know the sun's down and Jeopardy! is on and where did the day go.  Yeah, like that.  I'm rationalizing that they're good for our cognitive acuity (makes me sound smart, doesn't it?) so that we don't slip into dementia (faster).  Those little red folders should have warning labels... and I wish I, uh, he'd bought one of every kind.  Today, actually any minute now, I get to go over to feed Porter her breakfast and take her out to play for a bit.  DS & DIL1 left for Whistler, BC, Canada this morning to ski for a few days with her folks and they had to be at the airport before dawn so Porty didn't get her breakfast or morning romp.  The dog-sitter will pick her up on his lunch break, that'd be too long to make her wait so I get to go over and play with her.  Good thing too, because I have a big bag of peels for Henny & Penny and we had too much recycling to take out to the curb the other night so I've loaded it into Beverly so I can swing by the dive shop and fong it all into the dumpster there.  It's a recycling dumpster, don't worry I'm not tossing all that good recyclable stuff into the trash.  Geez.  I need to wait to leave until my hair's dry though.  I took a shower and I'll need to wear a hat and I don't want to spend the whole day with disgusting hat head.  It might be cold enough out there to warrant hat head though.  Or I could dig around in the hat bin and find one that's not tight... yeah, that's what I'll do.  Plus that one has matching mittens and this is most definitely a mitten day.  Hey, did you ever wear fingerless mitts under your gloves or mittens?  I know some of you don't live in mitten states but those of us who do often have cold hands and need to find keys or coins or touch some screen and taking off all of your hand protection is just too cold so a nice pair of mitts under your gloves or mittens keeps the freezing to a minimum.   Also gripping a steering wheel can be a religious experience when it's this cold.  Brrr.

January 4--Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, "MR" Armchair.  Leah eased into the chair, the tubular steel giving a bit as her weight settled into the caned seat.  She felt a little like she was sitting in a catapult.  It was a comfortable chair for all its spare lines, and it bounced.  Gavin laughed at the look on her face.  "You look as if you're expecting to be launched into space," he said as he sat in his comfy overstuffed recliner with its frayed upholstery.  "It's surprisingly comfortable," she told him. "Better than your old wreck of a chair."  She wasn't prepared for him to throw a book at her, a hard-backed one no less.  "Don't criticize my chair," he said, "I like it and it's staying."  She looked at him, a bruise growing on her cheek, thinking that he was the antithesis of maturity and personal growth.  Within two weeks the recliner, the 72" flat screen TV, and Gavin were on the curb.

Ha.  Take that you unregenerate creep.  Don't be throwing books at middle-aged women.  You'll be eating Spaghetti-os, drinking Blatz, and watching football in some cracker box apartment over your buddy's garage before you can say Jack Robinson.  Okay, I feel better now.  Time to dig out my red hat with the tassel, the matching mittens, my sorrel boots and go play with the grand-dog.  Adios, muchachos. (btw, that's pronounced A-dios, not ah-dios, just so you know, I want you to have the full effect of the sign-off)
--Barbara Sue

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Aunt B said...

Fingerless mittens, gloves, tassle hat!!! Oh my!!! You are definitely the devoted "granny" to those pets of the kids'! Will be thinking about you tonight as I watch the football game. Go Pack!!! XXX