Monday, January 10, 2011


I made it. I didn't have time this morning and I forgot to take my notebook to work to post last night's writing. You can be sure that I won't miss Antiques Roadshow either. It's been over for about half an hour so now's time to post. Durwood's resubmerged in college football. Football football football, will it never end? At least the Green Bean Pickers are still alive in the playoffs so Mom and Durwood and the rest of the football maniacs around here are happy--but nervous that they'll get their behinds handed to them next week in Atlanta. For me who isn't interested in football it means that I can shop on Sundays without mobs of people in the stores. So it's good all around.

January 9--Louis Comfort Tiffany, Window. Julianna loved it when the sun shown through the new window above the landing. It looked like rainbows had broken and come indoors. She asked Nurse for paper and chalk and then settled down on the step to put the colors on paper. Mama scolded her because she forgot to put on her smock so there was colored dust all over her white dress and Mama made Nurse cry. But Julianna was determined to make Mr. Tiffany's colors sit still on her paper so she put on her smock and was very careful not to get chalk dust on herself. She especially liked the small dots of glass that reminded her of bubbles in a stream even though she had never seen a purple stream

I like determined little girls, don't you? Now it's time for me to eat my evening yogurt. Yum.

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