Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I'm doing well, except it's been a bad week for fake nails. Day before yesterday I chipped or broke 4 of the buggers. I have no idea what I was doing but there were these tiny cracks throughout the day and pieces of them drifted away. I called the paramedics, first they tried the paddles and then removing all restrictive clothing (and ALL clothing is restrictive) but they weren't able to save them. Since I'm off today I'll have to get a rescue manicure and start again. *sigh* Beauty like this takes constant work.

January 25--Tibet, Portrait of Jnanatapa Surrounded by Lamas and Mahasiddhas. The faded colors of the hanging made Joan thing that it wasn't worth looking at but that was before she made eye contact with the figure in the center. Now, I know it sounds wrong to say that there was eye contact when she was the only live creature in the gallery, but there was. When Joan's eyes met the slightly cross-eyed gaze of the Tibetan guy in the painting, she felt her breathing slow and her heart rate settle into a lower rhythm, like she had taken a Valium. It was weird. There was this weird tinny music playing in the room that she thought sounded like monkeys playing flutes but it soothed her too. "Well, that's just stupid," she said aloud to no one. She turned to enter the next room but her footsteps slowed and she found herself sitting on the bench in front of the hanging, letting the faded blues, reds, and golds of the painting seep into her pores as she studied the graceful poses of the figures around the edges of the work.

It's funny, at first the Jnanatapa looked goofy but the longer I gazed at it, the harder it was to tear my eyes away. He looks friendly and a little mischievous, like he'd be funny and interesting to take a walk with. Enjoy your Wednesday.

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