Thursday, January 27, 2011

No Longer Lost

We're planning a summer trip out West because I want to see Yellowstone and the Badlands so we ordered a GPS and it came yesterday. It's a TomTom and I'm having fun playing with it. Right now I'm on hold getting some help registering it but I put in the address of a nearby geocache last night and then Durwood and I went on an errand. I turned on the TomTom and it spent the whole drive trying desperately to get us to turn left (turn left!!!!!) to get to the coordinates. Guess I have to read more of the manual to get it to just let me drive. I'll probably get into an accident looking at the screen instead of out the windshield on my way to work today. It'll be good for geocaching too. I feel all grownup and techy.

January 26--Henry Greenway, Double Chromatic Harp. Rose stood in the dimness of the study staring at the harp. It was a double harp made of figured wood and gilt. It was beautiful and she hated it. Hated the way its weight bruised her shoulder. Hated the way its notes burrowed under her skin when she played it. Grandpapa had bought it for her and insisted she learn to play. "My angel," he said, his shaky hand touching her cheek, "my angel should play the harp." So she had. Nurse would install him in the wing chair by the fire with a woolen blanket over his legs when Miss Violetta came for their weekly lesson. Rose had very little talent but she persisted and eventually was able to play a piece or two. She felt as if the notes wrapped around her binding her to the harp. The harp itself she saw as an anchor weighing her down, drowning her in an ocean of duty.

Amazing what the promise of money will make people do, isn't it? Kind of sad too. It's time to go eat cheerios with blueberries, take a shower and zoom off to keep the world safe from scuba diving. Goof off some today, okay? I intend to, probably around 2 PM when an afternoon nap tries to ambush me.

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