Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunny Sunday

It's a cold but bright and sunny day today. DD & DIL2 left for home about an hour ago. The dishwasher's splashing away in the kitchen and Durwood's off to take his first nap of the day. He's been a little short in the nap dept. the last week with the girls here, but I have confidence that he'll quickly make up for it. We had a full house last night with both the kids here with their SOs for a last supper together before we're all together again in April in KY. (I'm hoping that the harness racing track is open when we're there.) It was great to have everyone here. I'm thrilled that both our children turned out to be such nice adults who are willing to spend time with their parents and that they both found such nice people to love. It'll be good to get back in our quiet little rut, though, and I'm sure everyone feels the same. All that activity and company is great but it'll be nice to be back to what passes for normal around here. I might even take a walk today out in the sunshine. Load up a little vitamin D.

January 1--Renoir, Two Young Girls at the Piano. She's always looking over my shoulder, Lisette thought as her sister Martine edged closer and drew in her breath to speak. "Do knot even start," Lisette said as her fingers faltered on the keys. "I know I am playing all wrong, the tempo, the pacing, the interpretation, all wrong." Her shoulders rose with her tension, waiting for Martine to tell her what she was doing wrong just as she always did. The older sister leaned on the top of the piano. "How can you stand to play in here? It's always so cold." She shivered and drew a shawl across her shoulders. Lisette shrugged. "This is where the piano is. Where else could I play?"

I'm so happy to have art to write about again. I never thought I'd get tired of looking at pictures of islands but, damn, I sure did. Art is better.

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