Sunday, January 23, 2011


Last week I asked Zoe, the Yarn Whisperer, if she'd teach me how to knit 2 socks at once, toe-up using the Magic Loop method. She said she would, so I booked a meeting room at Goodwill for an hour on Friday night and got a lesson. Dusty came too because she had been trying to teach herself how to use Magic Loop, cuff down, and having no luck. It was brilliant to get out of the constant chatter of FNKC and be able to concentrate. I didn't have as tough a time as Dusty because I had already knitted a pair of socks on 2 circs and the same rules apply. Dusty was feeling bad about needing a lot more help but I told her that not only had I successfully knitted a pair on 2 circs but I have a pair of cuffs in a "disappointment bag" downstairs.

Here's how far I got Friday night. This is my first time making socks toes up. I used the Figure 8 cast on Zoe taught us at Knitting Guild last week and it worked great. It was a genius idea to use two different colors of yarn and also to use worsted yarn so I could easily see what I was doing. Using two colors was someone else's idea and the worsted was an accident but I enjoyed the lesson. Thanks, Zoe!

Yesterday at work I realized that I hated the way the wrister was looking with the mock cable stranded in a sea of reverse stockinette. HATED. IT. I cruised the projects on Ravelry and more than one of the people who made this pattern bracketed the cable in a few pur
ls and knit the rest. So I frogged down to the cuff and started again. I am much happier with the looks of it and know it'll get done much faster.

I'm excited to be on the last skeins of wool and cashmere for my wrap. Hopefully I'll sit myself down on the couch, plug my earbuds in to my ears,
and get it done sometime before bedtime tonight. We shall see.

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