Monday, January 3, 2011


Dusty and I met at the mall and walked for 50 minutes, around and around. I'd much rather walk outside even if it's cold but I had to come to work so I thought the mall was a better idea. I folded nice work clothes (jeans and a sweater) into a backpack so I could take off my sweaty clothes once I got here and put on clean, non-smelly clothes. Customers are few enough without scaring them off with B.O. Do you sweat when you exercise? Man, I do. It's one of my best gifts. I can sweat like a pro, but I keep telling myself that's why I have nice skin, I sweat out all the impurities. It was so warm New Year's Eve and Day that I'll bet half of our snow cover is gone Naturally the temp plummeted to the teens and single-digits once the front passed. We're having snow flurries today with very little wind so the flakes are kind of meandering toward the ground. It's sorta pretty. After the next big snowfall I am determined to go out to Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve and rent some snowshoes to try it. I wanted to do it last winter and didn't, I'm doing it this year. Cross my heart. I'll give a report too. Maybe even with pictures.

January 2--Renoir, Two Young Girls at the Piano. "You play and I'll sing," Martine said, their parents and the dinner guests laughing and talking in the drawing room behind them. The girls were glad to get to stay up later and see the couples in their evening dress but they didn't not like being trotted out like show ponies. Lisette especially didn't like it. "I feel like I should have a price tag hung from my sleeve," she hissed as she settled the sheet music for a spritely melody on the piano. Martine pinched her and said, "You would feel differently if Bertrand LaChaille was here." Lisette aimed a kick at her but hit the fern stand instead setting it rocking and bruising her foot.

Ah, one more reason why I never wanted a sister, brothers are bad enough. Survive your Monday. It's payday for me. Yippee!

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