Thursday, January 20, 2011


That's me today. I intend to sit still on the couch finishing knitting my wrap so that I can wear it tomorrow to knitting. It's very cold outside today so it'll be better just staying indoors and keep warm. Even the wind seems to be still (according to the naked twigs out the window) but I'm not going out to check.

I went to the brewery last night for a beer & cheese pairing event. It was excellent. There were 5 cheeses we got to taste with the selected beer and then they brought a grilled cheese sandwich with a little side dish. They were so delicious I have to tell you all about them:

First came Sharp Provolone with bacon, fig jam, and spinach on French bread with a tiny cup of pickled cucumbers, served with Railyard Ale. Second was Italico with grilled vegetables on onion poppyseed bread and a few sweet potato fries on the side, with Canadeo Gold. Third was American Grana with pepperoni, mushrooms, onion, black olives, and marinara on pizza bread with a bit of Caesar salad, with Dark Helmet. (By then, we were getting pretty darned full.) Fourth came Fontina on sage corn cakes with roasted wild mushrooms, a teensy cup of tomato bisque on the side, with 400 Honey Ale. Finally the most creative grilled cheese sandwich came for dessert, Cresenza with caramel apples on pound cake, a twist of cinnamon sugar pie crust and Trilithon Tripel (I actually liked the Hopasaurus Rex with it better). All of them were so good and so interesting with the mix of flavors and ingredients, I even liked the beers (sorta). There'll be another beer & ____ pairing evening next month and I can't wait. Maybe it'll be beer & ice cream and chocolate! Now that'd be an evening well-spent.

January 19--Adelaide Labille-Guiard, Madame Elisabeth de France. She looked so respectable in her portrait, so much the lady in her sober blue dress that covered her right up to her neck. He hair was teased out and tucked into an enormous beret-like hat with the largest ostrich plume society had even seen. At first glance you were sure she was a lady but then you saw the glint of challenge in her eye and the fabric of the scarf around her neck was just a touch too transparent, her bodice cut a centimeter too low so that too much of her, well, her poitrine was revealed for all to view. Madame might have intended to look like a lady but her clothing gave her away.

A-a-a-and it's snow showering. A good day to while away in pursuit of stillness. Stay warm!

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