Saturday, January 29, 2011

Toto--and a Hole

Yesterday afternoon at work I finished Toto the Oven Mitt. I have to say I do like applied I-cord bind off; it makes the edge look so nice and substantial. And I had to learn 3-needle bind off to join the two halves of the mitt. (Even though the pattern calls for making the mitt on 2 circular needles I ended up making it on Double Points because I'm just better with them.) Toto is a short little thing as you can see in the "puppet" picture. I suppose a person could make it longer to cover more of your hand but I kind of like it this way. (The last line of the pattern even tells you to use it as a puppet "to get it out of your system.") Now I just have to see how it works!

I pulled out the Twister Wrister at work today and was just about to get started
when I noticed that I did something wrong a few rows back and there's a hole in it. Now I've got to sit in a bright light with my heart in my throat, drop the offending stitch or stitches down to the hole, and knit them painstakingly back up using a crochet hook. Bugger. I need to figure out how I manage to do that and STOP.

Not wanting to keep working on the wrister when I was just going to have to tear it apart I pulled the sad little bag with the Sudoku Afghan squares in it and worked on that. I'll be glad when I get the "stone" ones done. That is one dull color.

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