Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ooh, Merry Christmas from Mr. & Mrs. Boss

We had the dive shop Christmas party last Saturday at a nice local place so we could eat too many broasted pork chops (to. die. for.), talk to friends, and watch the first half of the game. "The Game" is the way rabid Packer fans say it, actually. There was a lot of hollering (when things went well), groaning (when things didn't), and high-fiving (when they scored or yoinked the ball from the other guys, the Falcons maybe? They were in red outfits, that I'm sure of.). The unexpected part was a not-small piece of US currency in a card tucked into a bag of bath products. Surprising, totally unexpected, and really appreciated. I took that windfall right over to Play It Again Sports and plunked it down for my very own pair of snowshoes with their own canvas carry bag. I resisted running out into the dark to try them--until 10 PM when I took them along when I carried out the trash and recycling so I could take a spin around the yard just to make sure I loved them. It was a blast tromping around in the unblemished snow, pacing the property lines like a dog with one of those Invisible Fences. As a bonus, I startled the renter when he was hauling out his trash in his jammies. Sorry, Mario.

January 18--Gerhard Emmoser, Celestial Globe with Clockwork. Emily loved the statue of the silver horse in Grandpa's study. She felt sorry for it because it carried the whole world on its back. Gregory said that his name had to be Pegasus because of his golden wings but she thought its name should be Silver because that's what color he was. The globe didn't have the continents on it like a regular globe. It had dragons and serpents and flying babies. There was a place on the underside where it looked like you could put a wind-up key. She planned to ask Grandpa about it when he got home from his meeting. Gregory said the pictures on there were pictures of stars but she didn't see any stars. Maybe if she got closer to it, climbed up on the desk, she could see it better, figure out how it worked. Nobody was around to see. She pushed the chair closer to the big walnut rectangle and slipped off her shoes.

I'd rather be someplace tromping through the snow but here I am at work like a good girl. Maybe I can coerce someone to come out and play tomorrow. Tonight I go to Titletown Brewing Co. where DS & DIL work for a beer & cheese pairing. I'm not much of a beer drinker but the prospect of 5 gourmet grilled cheeses is irresistible. Mmm, grilled cheese. I'll report.

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