Friday, January 21, 2011

Brain Freeze

Oh, Myrtle Mae, it's cold outside. The temps were supposed to rocket up to 6 above zero about now but I suspect it never made it. And it's windy. Dusty and I went mall-walking this AM. At least we were smart enough not to walk outside in this kind of weather, although I really wanted to snowshoe but figured I'd get frostbite so I'll go another day. I went to the grocery and bought chicken soup makings, a pineapple and 2 bags of navel oranges. When it's this cold all I want to eat is soup, bread, and fruit. And make endless pots of Constant Comment tea to wrap my cold fingers around. What's your favorite cold weather food/drink?

January 20--The Souper Dress. Marnie had loved soup, Campbell's Soup in particular, since she was old enough to smear Chicken Noodle in her hair and tip a lake of it onto her high chair tray. Despite Mom's best efforts to get her to eat homemade soup, that looked and smelled good, Marnie had to admit, for her it was Campbell's or nothing. Her grandmother had been heard to declare that "no grandchild of mine will dictate what I fix, she'll eat what I make or go hungry." Well, three days into a week-long visit when seven-year-old Marnie had eaten nothing but Honey-Nut Cheerios for breakfast and half a Swanson's Pot Pie for supper, Grandma conceded defeat and bought Campbell's for her stubborn but beloved granddaughter.

I was getting around to the soup label dress, I really was but I ran out of steam and had to go to sleep. It's tiring to stay warm when it's this cold, even if you're indoors.

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