Monday, January 17, 2011

Hey, I'm Back

Sorry I didn't post for a couple days, I didn't write either. I needed a little break, but now I'm back and I wrote last night so you get some drivel to read today. I went snowshoeing yesterday afternoon with my friend, Zoe. She lives right by the East River so we walked across a field and down the bank onto the frozen river for about a half-mile. The strap on my left heel kept slipping so I had to keep stopping to readjust it. That was a little frustrating but it was a fun outing anyway. I stopped at Play It Again Sports on the way to Zoe's and on the way back to check out the snowshoes they have for sale. I'm going to buy my own, probably by next weekend. They're not terribly expensive--$100--amazingly that's my Christmas gift from work! Talk about kismet, eh? It started snowing earlier and we're supposed to get 3-5 inches by this afternoon. Even though I'm excited to go snowshoeing more I'd rather it didn't snow much more. I get tired of shoveling the drive. (I'm so jealous. Durwood's taking a nap and I'd love to go back to bed but I have to go to work. Boo. But it is payday. Yay. Guess I'll stay awake after all.)

January 16--Dora Wheeler, Penelope Unraveling Her Work at Night. I hate doing this, she thought, her nimble fingers undoing her day's work. It's the only way I can keep them at bay. Penny cried a bit as she worked by the light of a single candle. Her mother had warned her about marrying "one of those wandering Greeks," but she had done it anyway, and happily for the first few years. He had been gone so long now that she wondered if she'd even recognize him when he did come back. She knew he would, knew he wasn't dead like everyone kept telling her. It was her mother, she knew, who was sending all those bachelors over but she had finally thought of a way to buy a little time. She said she would not choose one of them until she finished weaving her tapestry so every night she undid most of the work she had done that day. So there she was in the flickering dimness, crying and ripping, ripping and crying, certain that one day he would return.

And it's snowing harder. Guess I'd better go shower so I can bundle up to sit in the solitude of the dive shop and knit while I listen to a book on CD. Thank god for technology. Happy Monday!

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