Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Can't Stop Starting

I was so thrilled last week when I finished a sock and scarf so I could knuckle down and work on other projects that I have on the needles. Did I do that? Kind of. I ordered and received 3 more skeins of Dalegarn Ara wool to finish my wool & cashmere wrap and made good progress toward finishing that.

But then...

I like to have a sock on the go because it's something small to take to work. Besides I like making socks because the yarn's so pretty. I'm calling this one the Winter sock, partly because the pattern I'm using is November sock (Ravelry link) and partly because of the time of year and partly because of the colors of the yarn--purple, dusty blue green, and pale blue. It's called Happy Feet and I hope it makes mine happy. I think it will.

For my day-trip to Appleton with Durwood on Friday I needed a very simple project for car knitting. I'll bet you can guess what I did. Yes, I CAST ON ANOTHER PURSE STITCH SCARF. I'm sorry for hollering but I am amazed at the strength of my addiction. I'm calling this one "It's A Disease." Appropriate, don't you think?

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