Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Oh, I was so glad to have to stop and get some prescriptions for Mom after work. I had to drive right by Play It Again Sports on the way home so I stopped in and BOUGHT ME SOME NEW SNOWSHOES!!!! They even have a canvas carrying bag. Thank you, Mr. & Mrs. Boss for giving me a little late Christmas bonus. I'm thinking that I might have to take a tromp around the yard before bedtime tonight. Hey, I have to take out the trash tonight anyway so I might as well take the new snowshoes for a spin.

The other day I cast on a pair of wristers in some stash yarn. I get to make them because I gave a pair to a lady in a drive-though a couple weeks ago. The ones I'm making have
got a big mock cable up the back with nice wide ribbing at the top and bottom. I need to knit faster, it's supposed to get reallyreally cold this weekend.

Durwood was intrigued by the way today's sunshine made the little snow pockets on the pine trees glow. He called it "snow lights." I like it.


Zoe said...

YAY More snowshoeing! Why do I feel like there's a trend starting up in my little world?

Ann said...

Awesome snowshoes! And the pine trees are lovely.