Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hap-py New Year!!

Did you stay up and ring in the new year? I made it until 11:07. Wow. Even I am underwhelmed. Sucks to get old and dull. One of my writing and knitting friends had an open house in the afternoon so I went there and knitted and yakked for a few hours, then I made my way home in the fog (stupid weather) and did laundry. Ooh, big times at our house.

Here's the last Island calender prompt writing...thank god, I'm so over them...

December 31--Kauai.

Beyond the point where the
"End of Earth 1 mi."
sign should be
is Shipwreck Beach
with a hammock strung
between two palm trees,
coconut palms so you
don't get too relaxed,
but no shipwreck.

Over decades it decayed,
became bonfire fuel,
or just disappeared.

The name stuck
like the secret lore of locals
who tell you (when they
give you directions)
to "turn left at Elmo's
Shell that burnt down
in '72"
though you weren't
even born then.

Well, that's it for 2010. I wish you happy times and good health in 2011.

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