Monday, April 17, 2017

Well, That Was Interesting...

Almost as soon as DS, DIL1, LC & OJ arrived for an Easter visit yesterday after naptime, we smelled smoke.  Since we're a block from Burger King and I figured some neighbors were grilling out on such a nice day, I ignored it.  It was very windy so who knew where the smoke smell came from.  DIL1 got up to look out the window and said, "hey, the tree next door's on fire because the power pole fell over."  We all leaped up to look out.  LC and I went out onto the porch just as the transformer blew with a big pop so we hotfooted it back inside.  Soon we heard sirens and two fire trucks arrived to cordon off the street and warned us all to stay indoors.  In not too much more time the public service guys arrived to shut off the power lines and get to work.  At one point there were five public service trucks, two fire engines, and two water department trucks on our tiny street.  Once the power was out the kids left to go to the grocery and give their hopped-up-on-too-much-sugar kids some room to run, not that OJ's walking yet but he was really enjoying going around and around our round coffee table just as fast as he could.  He's going to turn from a quadruped into a biped very soon.

Happily Durwood had plenty of oxygen tanks because with the power off his O2 machine doesn't work.  No power also meant no supper cooking, no heat, and, eventually, no lights.  We were very lucky that it was in the high 60s yesterday, not the 20s so we didn't freeze.  The power came back on around 8:30 so we didn't have to go to bed at sundown like the pioneers or sit staring into the dark.

Still bugged by whatever virus is visiting me I wasn't all that hungry for supper last night so I just went to Burger King for a couple burgers and some fries to split.  I know, I know, not the best food to put in a dodgy tummy but it was Easter and none of the "hot food" bars in groceries were open so I couldn't get baked chicken.  I survived.  I still can't get too far from the bathroom but I survived.  I had yogurt for breakfast to introduce some healthy bacteria back into my system.  Hope it helps.


Okay, now you deserve a better mental picture of my life.  See the daffodils?  Pretty.

April 17--Childe Hassam, French Tea Garden.

Bee investigating
the jam jar
hums to itself.
Cup of tea cools
in the shade.
Silver needle flashes
in and out
embroidering a tea towel.

It's not as warm today as it was yesterday but it isn't as windy either.  Maybe all the power poles will remain upright today.  Fingers crossed.

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Aunt B said...

All's well that ends well. Glad you got power back before bedtime. But sounded like an eventful Easter!