Friday, April 7, 2017


I've been trying and trying to get on here but Blogger must have been having the vapors or some sort of cramp because the blog would appear but the "sign in" button would be missing.  Durwood had a quick appointment this afternoon so I set Spybot to run while we were away and here I finally am.  It would also be of great help if I remembered which email address I sign into Blogger with.  *sigh*

The rhubarb is up!  I was just outside filling the feeders and swamping out the birdbath (it was green and smelly from a winter of being heated just enough to keep a bit of it thawed.  can you say "algae"?)  That means in a couple weeks we can whip up a rhubarb cake or pie or even some rhubarb bread, which is something I have a hankering for.

In the More Up Department are the teeny tiny squills, the daffodil buds are plumper, the yellow crocus is still a-bloom, and the hyacinth is filling out.  Yay!  Spring!

I worked on the Helical Sock Sock yesterday.  Got the cuff done and started on the leg.  Since I'm not very far I'm going to divvy up the stitches into thirds and add another ball of random yarn just because I can.  Random for everyone!

Last night after supper I got the Denim Washcloth up to the first edging (the double-dotted lines are the actual corners).  I'll work hard to finish it tonight (or at least get close) so I can focus on keeping those three sock yarns from tangling too much.

April 7--Mary Lawrence, Moss Provence Rose.

Rosa Centifolia Muscosa
an old rose barely tamed to civilization
no hybrid tea
a blowsy pink cabbage rose
stems fuzzy with needle thorns
fragrance, oh, intoxicating
what she lacks in perfection of form
she makes up for with her exquisite perfume

It's a glorious sunny day.  I think I'll grab my knitting and see about that washcloth edging while seated in the fresh air and sunshine.  Doesn't that sound like a good idea?  Especially since days like this are rare around here this time of year.

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Aunt B said...

Those baby Springtime flowers just beginning to show up are so welcome every year. Especially in your part of the world. Springtime down here showed up the past few days in the form of really high winds! So glad Paul, Jeff and the boat made it down to Ft. Myers without being blown away!