Wednesday, April 26, 2017

"Tulips in the Garden, Tulips in the Park...

...what I like best are two lips in the dark."  That's the racy rhyme I learned in second grade at Sacred Heart Catholic School in Evansville, Indiana from a group of big, sixth grade girls.  When I recited it to Mom she asked where I learned it and then told me not to say it again, which meant that it was engraved in my brain forever.  All of that is to introduce the first tulip ready to bloom in my front yard.  It's the only one of that color--peachy orange with a purple blush on the outside of the petals--and I keep hoping that the bulb will divide and make more.  So far, no luck.

The sky this morning was lovely again but this time there was a vapor trail too.  Whenever I see one of those straight white lines which are airplane tracks I wish that I was on that plane going wherever, I never care where, I just want to GO.  I told Durwood last weekend that I wish that I was footloose and unfettered.  He said I am, that I can go anywhere I want to.  He didn't understand, to me footloose and unfettered means I don't feel tied to responsibility, that I can lock the door and drive away for a day or week or however long I want to go but I guess that's not really my personality.  I tie myself to people and places with nice tight knots, anchoring myself, not being anchored by others.  Maybe I can work on that--once I'm retired.  Did I tell you I gave notice?  I'll work through the end of June and then be a retired person for real.  Yikes.  I need to start making lists of things I want to do, stuff like scan into the computer all of the bajillion photographs lurking in albums around here and learn how to put slides and videos onto cds.  Along with all of the sewing projects I want to tackle... and then there's the knitting, and gardening, and... and...  Hmm, I'm seeing a problem here...
Out back the rhubarb is going great guns and the lilies of the valley have started to spear their way out of the ground.  I need to grab a rake to clear all the leaves etc. out of their way.  Maybe tonight, if it's not raining.

April 26--Alexander the Great, Silver Tetradrachm of Lisimachus of Thrace.

Silver disk of coin
profile carved on the heads side.
Money hasn't changed
in twenty-four hundred years.
Still round, still silvery,
still with a head on it,
only the jingle has changed. 

It might be going to rain today.  It might not.  Do I take my new coat which is water resistant and be too hot or wager that it won't rain and then get wet?  I guess I can carry the coat, can't I?  I never had this problem before I bought the coat and turned myself into a sort of grown-up.  Mrs. Boss called yesterday to ask me to pick up a whole bunch of tanks she took in for service on my way to work so I'd better wrap this up and get a move on.

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Aunt B said...

Spring is busting out all over up there. Those rhubarb leaves are so beautiful. Come this summer you'll be unfettered (at least from your job) so you can tackle all those tasks you've been putting off. But on your own schedule. Know you'll get it all done.