Saturday, April 1, 2017

Deja Vu?

April Fools!

Sorry, I couldn't resist yanking your chain just a little.  One year ago this morning I stepped out the patio door and promptly broke my left ankle.  Not doing that again, no-sirree bob.  I did step out to snap a photo of the sunup and the icy birdbath but I wasn't wearing slick-bottomed shoes and I was wearing pants so no repeat of last year's dramatic events.

Yesterday I went to JoAnn Fabrics and spent my allowance on half-yard pieces of fleece so the Easter Bunny can make a puppet for putting in LC and OJ's baskets.  I, uh, the Bunny won't be making up all of this fabric or all of these puppet designs before Easter but the fleece was 50% or 60% off so I, I mean the Bunny got all the colors she thought she'd ever need.  


I saw this length of jigsaw puzzle fleece on the remnant cart, then I scrounged around and found a remnant of navy blue cotton so I can make OJ a little blanket too.  I made LC a little soft fleece blanket for her first Easter so OJ gets one too.  So there.

I added a few rounds to the Denim Washcloth at Friday Night Knitting (it measures about 3" across) but spent most of the time trimming the puppet pattern pieces because it's so much easier to do when you've got company and a table to spread the tissue paper out on.

This morning after brunch with friends I finished up Car Knitting Warshrag #9 which means I need to hunt up a couple more skeins of dishcloth cotton to live in my car door pocket for waiting rooms and drawbridge delays.

April 1--Eugene Grasset, March (a Woman plants seeds in her garden's borders)

Small packets of potential
she pokes into the warming earth,
dreaming of dew-dotted petals,
leaves fuzzy with mist,
caterpillars inching along
shouldering aside
pollen-hunting bees.

Hey, it's April today and April is Poetry Month so get ready for thirty days of mediocre verse with intermittent inspiration.  Time to go cut out some fleece.

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Aunt B said...

Fifty or sixty percent off?? No one could resist that. Plus you have those two darling tots to knit up all kinds of neat things for any occasion.