Monday, April 24, 2017

Laying in Supplies

When I made the breakfast burritos on Sunday morning I used the last bit of frozen diced bell peppers so it was imperative that I get myself to ALDI for a 3-pack of the multicolored ones for $2.99, which is a whole lot cheaper than colored peppers in "regular" grocery stores.  Then Durwood sat at the table, cleaned and diced them, spread them out on a waxed paper lined cookie sheet, and froze them.  Once they were little bell pepper ice cubes I gathered them up into a quart Ziploc bag and stashed it in the freezer door.  It's such a handy thing to have on hand.  Like when I was stirring together the scrambled egg muffins that are in the oven right now.  All I had to do was scoop out the amount I needed into the bowl.  Easy-peasy.  And I got another 3-pack for him to do later in the week so we won't run out anytime soon.  (god, I'm getting so old)

Speaking of getting old, I've been being frustrated by not being able to think of words lately so I made the decision to see if I could do the Sudoku and Jumble in the daily paper.  I have a fighting chance of finishing Monday's and Tuesday's puzzles but I'm hoping with practice I'll get better.  I'm going back to doing the daily crossword too.  Gotta keep those brain cells and neural pathways open and greased.

I'm just about done with the yoke of LC's little sweater.  The rows have gotten as long as they'll get and it's easy knitting, a real relief after that shawl.

April 24--Vincent van Gogh, Doctor Paul Gachet.

Velvet collar tucked up,
mis-buttoned navy wool coat,
squashed white hat,
the red-haired doctor
leans on his fist
the picture of delicate

All right.  Got my muffin things out of the oven and cooling on a rack.  I've got a yen for either a Danish or a brownie.  Do I go buy one?  One.  Do I bake and have a crapload of them?  Hmm, decisions decisions.  Oh and yes, Aunt B, that pink Reynolds Wrap is the very last of Mom's stash.  I only use plastic wrap for the breakfast things I make for Durwood so it's lasted a long long time.  I'm sure they don't make the icky colored stuff anymore, at least I hope they don't, and if they do, I'm not buying more.

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Aunt B said...

I'm proud of you for doing that Sudoku puzzle. I do the crossword every day but that thing is beyond me. Love having the chopped peppers and onions in the freezer. Handy!