Friday, April 14, 2017

Green Grass!

We've got it.  All kinds of growing things are ready for their close-ups.  The hyacinth has a few daffodil buddies.  The oldest daffodils that I planted 40 years ago when we built this house are up and just about ready to pop.  (they're the farthest and brightest yellow clump)  The chives and daylilies have shoved their way out of the soil to bask in the sun and rain.  (so far today it's sunny but they're saying rain later... boo)  And the rhubarb is growing by leaps and bounds.

This cardinal has been here a lot lately but I haven't seen his lady love since Wednesday.  Maybe she's feathering the nest.  See all those leaves?  It was really windy the other day and all those leaves came over from other yards--or maybe they're some of the ones that overwintered against the side of the house.  I'm calling them "mulch" and ignoring them.

No electronics played tricks on me at work yesterday so I got my work done in good time so I could add an inch or so to the Helical Sock Sock.  I started adding a short-row heel but realized that the leg was too short for that just yet.  It's the right length if I was going to add a heel flap and gusset but not long enough for the short-row heel.  See, I want to do that so I can use one of the three yarns for the cuff, one for the heel, and the third for the toe.  I guess you have to be a knitter to understand.

Last night I overcame my confusion and frustration and got on with Section 4 of the Hempathy Brambling Shawl.  I was flooded with excellent advice which let me understand what I needed to do and figure out an understandable way to keep track of where I am and what to do next.  Thanks to all who chimed in on Ravelry and The Lounge at MDK.  I should have taken a picture but I didn't when I realized that five or six rows back in the blue section I knitted when I should have purled so there was a row of garter bumps across the blue.  Arrrgh.  I glared at it for a while and then shifted the stitches to my right needle and dropped the offending columns of stitches down, one by one, then used a crochet hook to get them back in order.  You can't even see where the mistake was.  I rock!  (sorry for my dorkiness)

April 14--August Macke, Colored Composition (Homage to Bach)

Music as color,
music as shape.
Tiny dots of sixteenth notes,
swoop of crescendo,
curve, curve, curve of flutes,
stair steps up, down
as the notes rise and fall.
Deep bass colors--
fiery reds
cool blues
calm greens
charging yellows
rest in white--
listen to the colors of the notes. 

I know there's a name for seeing sounds as color but I don't remember it.  Ah, yes, good old Google.  It's synesthesia.  I kind of wish I had that.  Wouldn't it be cool to see the wind as a color?  See swoops of blue or purple as the breeze rises and falls?  I think today I'll go out and pick up the windblown trash in the yard--again.

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Aunt B said...

The hyacinth and daffodils look like a mixed bouquet -- and the rhubarb leaves could even be part of it. So big and green and beautiful. Glad to feel Spring has arrived! Off to Winston in about an hour. Still have to pack!