Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Quick Like a Bunny

I know you thought the Easter Bunny was foolish to plan to sew things for LC and OJ's baskets but I, uh, she got busy on Monday and made great strides.  LC got a small soft blankie in her first basket so the bunny had to make one for OJ.  I, uh, she was excited to find this fun, very soft jigsaw fleece on the remnant cart last Friday and a just-the-right-width piece of navy cotton for the backing in the same place.  Score!

The bunny hasn't made puppets before, well, except for that scary Billy-Ray-Cyrus-clone she made up that LC calls Baby Daddy (it's a long story) so she was pleasantly surprised at the speed and ease of making this dog puppet.  It had more hand sewing needed than she thought but she managed with a minimum of grumbling and a good thimble.  It even has a tail to wag, see?  She figures that tonight and tomorrow night after work the other puppet will be made.  See?  Not even close to the big day.  Done with a week to spare.  Oh, ye of little faith.


This pair of goldfinches were hanging around the feeder yesterday and I was greatly uplifted by the bright summer yellow of the feathers.

This morning's sunrise made up for Durwood stumbling into the door and waking me up half an hour before my alarm went off. Now I'll never get all the cards of buttons moved and rehung--in my dream.  (His slipper got snagged on the corner of a cover; no harm done)  Look at that color.  Ahhhh.  I need to reread the manual for his DSLR camera to figure out (again) how to disable the flash in situations like that.

April 5--Michelangelo Buonarroti, David.

cold stone made warm flesh
pale marble worked with steel
carved so true
you expect him to blink
and breathe 

I'm glad it's April  Writing these poems is a lot easier on my feeble brain than trying to dredge up something that resembles part of a story.  You enjoy your day, now. 
P.S. I forgot to tell you, I got one of those "Grandma, I had an accident" phone calls yesterday from my "grandson" who'd broken his nose.  When I said, "Oh, goodness, where are you?  I'll come get you" he hung up.  How stupid do they think we are?

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Aunt B said...

Each picture better than the one before today. Love them all. The glorious sunrise, that cute puppet with the tiny tail, pretty birds, soft blankie. You outdid yourself!