Sunday, April 9, 2017

I Got Busy

So I didn't knit or sew anything yesterday.  I did blanch and freeze the broccoli I bought last week because I realized that having fresh veggies around for days on end probably leaches out all the nutrients so I thought I'd kind of pre-cook it to preserve the remaining good things in it, plus we've been veggie-lax the last couple weeks so we actually had to throw some away.  *gasp*  I'm not a fan of wasting food so maybe this will help.

What I did do was wander over the yard picking up windblown trash and collecting sticks and limbs that fell in the last wind and dragged them to the curb.  Nothing picture-worthy but I was out in the sunshine and warmth.

This morning a few daffodils are making their entrances.  Come on!  You can do it.

I tried a closeup shot of the squills, hoping for a clearer picture so you could see the petals better and the stripes.  I don't think I managed but, here you go.

And I saw that the first Grape Hyacinths have popped up next to the crocuses.  They'll be open in a day or two and this shows why they're called grape.  They're tiny, as big as my pinkie nail.

April 9--Edgar Degas, In Front of the Mirror.

See how her neck
curves into her shoulder? 
That soft skin,
that gentle line
invites tracing by a single finger.
Peeking from tousled curls,
an earlobe tempts
lips to tug, to tantalize.
Her shoulder blade
where wings should grow
glows like pearls in the dawn.
The drag of brush through hair
a quiet sigh,
end of the day
cocooned in candlelight. 

It's not sunny today.  It was supposed to be partly sunny but it seems the partly got lost on its trip over the horizon.  *sigh*  I loved yesterday's sunny.

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Aunt B said...

Sunny days come and go -- but the spring flowers haven't let you down. Glad you could get out and enjoy the sunshine while you tidied up the yard. Our landlord paid to have our yard all spiffed up after the big wind and it looks so nice.