Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Here, Birdies Birdies Birdies!

I checked the Hummingbird Migration Map last week to discover that at least one had been seen within fifty miles of here so the other day I got the feeder up, cleaned it up, made a batch of nectar, and got it out there.  Durwood expected a squadron of hummingbirds to pounce on it immediately but I warned him that we don't usually see them until the lilacs, apple tree, and honeysuckle bloom and none of them are close to blooming.  He sighed and went back to napping.

This morning's sky was a winner, I thought.  I love the moodiness of the sun glowing behind that wide band of clouds.  Makes my suburban neighborhood look all mysterious when, in fact, that tree's at the back of an office building parking lot with dumpsters just out of the frame.

I forgot to take a picture of the Spinach & Ham Scrambled Egg Muffins yesterday so you get to see them when they're all frosty and bagged instead of fresh and cooling.  Guess I don't wrap them in plastic wrap after all.  That must be why the ugly colored stuff has lasted so long.

I'm about a dozen rows from stopping the cap sleeve portion of this yoke then changing to a dark almost-navy purple for the body of the sweater but I've been knitting on it fairly steadily and my right hand's a bit achy.  I'll give it a rest today.

April 25--Thomas Sibley Cooper, Landscape and Cattle.

Two lie down,
two stand guard,
the bovine equivalent
of a street gang,
attitude rises off them
like heat haze.
No kaffe klatsch
of dairy cows,
these beef cattle
mean business.

Just five more days to Poetry Month and then it's back to stories or story parts anyway.  Look how tall the day lilies are getting.  It's a beautiful sunny day today.  Maybe I'll snag a grandkid later and go for a walk.

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Aunt B said...

Glad the dumpsters didn't make it into that beautiful shot of the sky. Would have ruined the ambience of it all.