Sunday, April 2, 2017

Six Years Ago Today...

... our little baby daughter got married to her beloved in Lexington, KY and, amazingly enough, they still like each other.  The loving?  That's a given but it's hard to keep the liking alive and they're doing it and doing it well.  Her dad and I hardly worry about her--more than once or twice a day.  (we're parents, worrying is our job and with me it's more like a calling or maybe an Olympic sport; I am my mother's daughter, after all)

Last night's sunset made me want to set up housekeeping on the front porch.  It had been a gloriously sunny day but just enough clouds clustered at the horizon to let the colors ignite them.  It was so gorgeous that I got Durwood's DSLR camera out to take pictures with.  It's amazing how much better photos you get with a better camera.

After supper I sat on the living room floor to cut out the puppet pieces.  My initial thought was that I'd just make the bunny in one piece and a single color but then I thought, nah, I'll make it with pants on like the pattern says to.  I had to go back to JoAnn's today for safety eyes, pompoms for noses and a tail (I had to buy a giant bag of 'em so if you need one or twenty for a craft, let me know), and buttons for the bunny's straps.  Naturally I couldn't decide which ones I wanted so I brought home a few cards.  Yeah, a few.  Really.

Just before turning in I cast on and knitted a couple rounds of ribbing on what will become Helical Sock Mitt #1.  You knit the cuff with a single yarn and then add in the second (and third, if you want) yarn on the first round.  I made Magic Balls (tied together random nubbins of sock yarn; full disclosure--I did not cut one yard pieces to tie together, I just tied the ends of the little leftovers together using a special knot [yes, I tied knots in my knitting; I know it's heresy but so far no lightning has struck, not that I've noticed anyway]) so there is very little danger of the stripes matching anything, much less each other.  I figured why use a fresh skein of sock yarn when I've got a huge bag of nubbins that need to be made into something so I got something started.

April 2--Frederic Remington, Ghost Riders.

like wraiths they ride
out of the shadows into sunlight
naked save for paint
riding bareback
half-wild horses
skim the tawny earth
hooves and lances poised
to reclaim their hereditary lands

I was surprised to read that the painting hangs in the Buffalo Bill Center of the West.  Now I don't have to make up a reason to go back to Cody, WY.  But first I'm going downstairs to start sewing puppets.

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Aunt B said...

Some things never change. Like worrying about your kids -- even when there's really nothing to worry about. Is it a mother thing? I commented on that to Nancy when we talked on the phone yesterday. We agreed I'd passed that trait on to her just as Marl did with you. Love that sunset picture and, of course, the picture of the happy couple. Sweet memories of that beautiful day.