Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Feeling Slightly Better But Still Complaining

I discovered the secret to feeling better in the morning--don't eat supper, then there's nothing to get cramps about when you wake up.  I keep trying cheese for lunch, this morning I had plain Greek yogurt with a little honey, something has got to reestablish normalcy.  I'm tired of having Pepto as a meal chaser and an afternoon snack.  Tomorrow morning I have a doc's appointment (for another reason) so I'll consult on my continuing complaint.

This morning I noticed that the bleeding heart sprouted over the weekend.  Don't you love that bright green?  I also saw leaves on the honeysuckle when I walked next door to deliver some diaper coupons to the new mom so I guess it's time to grab some leather gloves and drag the birdie tree to the curb.

The rhubarb's going great guns.  I will not be eating any of that in the near future as one of my grandmothers called it "the spring tonic" by which she meant it cleans out your pipes when eaten in any quantity.  I'll pass.  *groan*  Sorry for that.

I'm a big fan of this orange centered daffodil.  Its trumpet is very short and ruffly and the petals are a pale creamy color.  I need to study up on other bulbs or plants that I can put across the front of the house so that once these flowers wither and die, which they do fairly quickly, others will come to take their place.

April 19--Paul Signac, The Harbor of St. Tropez

Hundreds, thousands
of brush tip-size dashes
in forty-seven shades of
blue, red, yellow, white
(no, I didn't count)
build the dynamic
action of a working harbor.
Impression of the scene
or the output
of a near-sighted and trembling

I'd like to spend an afternoon looking at that painting in person, but I'd have to go to some museum in Germany or maybe Poland and I'm kinda busy.  I finished the Helical Sock Sock last night.  It's a bit short in the foot but I AM NOT picking out the toe and reattaching three yarns.  It'll be fine.  Gotta run to the chiro to get my bones rearranged before work.  Toodles.

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Aunt B said...

Lots of green today -- and you didn't even mention that cute little chipmunk in the one shot. Maybe you didn't notice him up there but I did!! That sock is impressive but you'll have to wait a while to wear it. I declare that Winter is over!