Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Still Frosty

Even though the sun shines with enthusiasm some days and we have more and more blue sky days there's still frost on the roofs when I open the shades and this morning the birdbath was iced over.  (I unplugged the heater last weekend.)

The Spring weather has encouraged the Cardinals to court.  The Mister was pecking seeds on the ground under the platform feeder and, for not enough time for me to take their picture, the Missus came by to be fed and courted a bit before they both flew up into the apple tree for an instant, then they flew away.

In other backyard news, the rhubarb's getting taller and the leaves are getting bigger.  Soon there'll be pie!

I got to the place where the blue yarn starts on the Hempathy Brambling Shawl last night.  I was happy to realize (remember?) that my Kindle is also a tablet so I could call up the instructional video on twisting the yarns together where the color changes and watch that part over (and over and over) so I don't have any holes where the purple and the yellow touch.

On Monday night I assembled the bunny puppet for the Easter Bunny to put in LC's basket Sunday.  I like it.  (yes, it has a fluffy white bunny tail)  I can see myself making more puppets using this pattern since they're quick, easy, and very cute.  Plus I bought enough fleece to make more since it was 60% or 50% off so there'll be no shopping needed when the whim strikes.  Hooray.

April 12--Eero Aarnio, Armchair.

Like a glass of red wine,
this single-stem chair,
white, molded,
upholstered in burgundy,
invites to you sit in its intoxicating design
and sip.

What I want to know is how come it's rainy and chilly on my days off and sunny and warming when I have to go to work?  Huh?  Anybody?  Time to pack up my lunch and head out to keep the world safe from SCUBA diving for another day.

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Aunt B said...

We had a pair of cardinals "shopping" for a new home the other day. The bright red male was flying all around those yellow planters by our front door while the missus waited in the driveway. Apparently she didn't approve because no nest building has ensued! That bunny is too cute for words.