Saturday, April 8, 2017

Happy Birthday, TW and AJ!

Today my baby brothers are 61 years old.  Look at that number.  It's way too high but then I think 65 is way too high for me and I'm really 65 and 1/2.  Yeesh.  BTW, none of us look like this today, not exactly.  This was taken at my wedding over 40 years ago.  I think we look like this but I'm guessing only our spouses think we still do.

The mini daffodils that DS planted in front of the rental side of the duplex when he lived there are blooming and a few of my regular size ones are just about ready to open.

I don't know if you can see this squill clearly but it's about as big as my thumbnail and has the sweetest white flowers with pale blue stripes on the petals.  And it comes up every year and it spreads.  Lovely.

The hyacinth is going great guns.

At knitting last night I finished the Denim Hankie Washcloth (or Warshrag as I took to calling it).  It's quite a bit bigger than I thought it'd be but then I did use worsted yarn when the pattern calls for slightly smaller Sport weight yarn.  That's okay, it'll still get somebody clean, probably me.

I caved in to temptation and added a third yarn to the Helical Sock Sock.  You can just barely make out the golden brown and white check rounds and sage green is peeking out right below the needles.  This sock isn't going to be a beauty, it's going to be interesting instead.  Do I care?  Not one whit.  I'll use one of the other two yarns for a short row heel and the third one for the toe, just to give each yarn its turn in the spotlight.

April 8--Raphael, The Three Graces

Three naked women
dancing in a circle
patrons of life's pleasures
from Ancient Greece

Good Cheer

as with any good religion
you can't have too much happiness
so the Graces were also connected
to the Underworld

Light begets Dark
Splendor begets Decay
Mirth begets Sadness
Good Cheer begets Tears

Even minor deities giveth
and then taketh away
So it has been

Well, that's cynical, isn't it?  I had to look up who and what the Three Graces are; I tell you that so you don't think I just pulled that info off the top of my head. It's a glorious sunny day and it's supposed to get warm.  I think I'll plan an outdoor activity, even picking up windblown trash and sticks will be fun in the sunny warmth.  Toodle-oo!

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Aunt B said...

Love that picture of you and the boys. The denim hankie is too pretty to be called a washrag. It's definitely a cloth!