Friday, August 19, 2016

Two More Little Free Libraries! Plus Eggs!

These things are everywhere.  I mentioned to KW last night at Knitting Guild that I'd found 14 of them over the last week and she told me that there was one on the street behind her house and another one down a street perpendicular to the street in front of her house.  See?  There were lots of kids' books in the first one and I found a book about little lizards that I took for LC (because I've taken to calling her "Newt," it makes both of us smile), there were almost all adult books in the second one and it didn't look like an official LFL but it was right there and chock full of books.  I put in my couple volumes, took a picture, put it on Instagram, and left for the official library where a knitting book was waiting for me on Hold.

After that I went over to water DS's garden.  It's been very dry lately and they've been busy so I said I'd water it today in return for whatever eggs were there.  (I'd have done it without eggs too)  I took the bag of peels and ends and hulls for the chickens with me.  I love that they come clucking out when I open the gate.  "The Treats Lady is here!"  I turned the water on first thing but the sprinkler stayed still and dry so I went over to see if there was an On/Off switch.  There was a timer between the hose and the sprinkler and it wasn't watering time.  I saw a Manual setting and tried to turn the dial but it wouldn't budge.  Then I noticed a lever that I tried pushing in to unlock the dial and managed to squirt myself in the hair, forehead, and glasses--three times-before figuring out that I had to push the lever down, not in, then it turned just fine.  I took my dripping self over to the coop, dumped in the peels, etc., collected a couple eggs, and then went to sit on the patio to page through my library book--after drying my face and glasses on my shirt, of course.  Go ahead and laugh, I've been giggling at myself for an hour.  It was quite a shock, at least the first time, but it was refreshing too.  I swear, some days I'm like a one-woman Three Stooges.

The nasturtiums are... I should say the nasturtium (singular) is blooming nicely.

For the second day in a row I had to work at work yesterday so it wasn't until the very end of the day that I finished August Preemie Hat #2 and wove in the tails.  At Knitting Guild I cast on and knit a bit on #3--and forgot to take one picture of the group.  *sigh*  I didn't remember until I was taking my things out the car in the driveway and by then it was too late.

August 19--Mel Curtis, 3 Old Gentlemen.  Sacha saw them every day from her desk.  Three old men had staked their claim to a park bench in the shade.  She noticed them on the first warm Spring day and saw them every day after.  At first they were bundled up with thick padded coats and woolly knitted hats, looking like identical triplets, but as the season warmed they emerged as individuals.  They talked all the time and she thought they had been in the Army together or maybe they were friends from college days.  She couldn't have been more wrong.  At one time those three nice old men had been the most successful bank robbers in the state, and they'd never been caught.

Well, it rained this morning.  Thundered too.  Now it's just thick overcast but it's supposed to rain again tonight and most of tomorrow.  Naturally it's going to be a rainy weekend, the county fair is on.  I'm hoping to go see the exhibits on Sunday.  Who doesn't like to look at 4-H calves and pies and projects?  Maybe there'll be a tractor pull.

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Aunt B said...

It's fun to see the different styles of those LFL's. Like birdhouses for books. Hope you make it to the Fair.