Friday, August 5, 2016

I Got Tired Of Looking Frumpy

So I went shopping after supper.  It was when I was trying to dress for a friend's wedding last month that I realized I don't really have any kind of nice, kind of dressy-ish clothes.  I have my everyday jeans, capris, and tee-type shirts, and I have a few skirts (that I don't wear often) and a dressy dress.  Nothing in between.  I think part of my problem is my shoes.  I need to wear "supportive" shoes because of the state of my feet--and now my ankle which needs lots of support while the muscles and tendons get strong and not hurty again--so I can put on nicer clothes and then, basically, sneakers.  Not a good look.  But last weekend when I bought those rainbow flats in Sturgeon Bay and wore them that night when I went to hear the band, I realized that I could, for a short time, wear cute shoes and feel like I look better than usual.  Here's what I brought home--a creamy white single-knit oversize shirt with an interesting neck treatment, a white tank top that I put under a black and white open caftan-ish wrap with cool lacy fringe, and a white gauze and lace top with an uneven hem.  Lots of white, but then white goes with everything.  May I say that I went with the image of a red, uneven hem, flowy tank in mind but there was absolutely nothing even remotely like that on the racks--and I went to two stores.  (that's a lot of shopping for me, it took over an HOUR)

I'm glad I was out after 8 o'clock because last night's sunset was glorious.  See?  I wish there were fewer overhead wires on our street but at least the trees blotted out the used car lot at the end of our block.

At work yesterday I focused on finishing the chart rows of the Black Bean shawl.  I'll be moving into the edging rows tonight at Friday Night Knitting.  Once again I have to say that I love knitting with big yarn and big needles; I'll never be a lace-weight yarn and tiny needles kind of shawl knitter.  Nope, that's not for me.

This morning a quartet of bluejays came to dine while I was doing yoga in front of the patio door.  Three of them stayed up on the retaining wall where the corn is but one brave one came down to the spilled seed by the birdbath so I paused between the last 2 poses and snapped a picture.

August 5--Jeffrey El Blackman, Referee.  The guy in the black and white shirt looked small with twenty-two football players clustered around him.  You could see how unpopular what he was saying was with the men.  Arms were flung and it didn't take a lip reader to figure out the harsh words raining down on him.  He kept his cool, elbowed his way out of the crowd, and stuck to his decision.

Hey, today is Durwood's 77th birthday.  We aren't having a big celebration but I'll make sure he feels Happy Birthday-ed all day.


Cheryl Brocher said...

Happy Birthday Durwoon (Don)!!! Barbara..glad you went shopping! I know just how you feel! But it's almost impossible for me to walk long enough to do it, so I shop online, but then you never know what it will look like!! I've not been to knitting in such a long time! I miss it. I've been in and out of the hospital and then on home care forever!! I am in the process of moving in with my daughter. My Dr. was adamant that I should not live alone anymore! That should be interesting!! Take Care and I hope to get back to knitting again soon!

Cheryl Brocher said...


Aunt B said...

Happy Birthday (one day late) to Don. And you got the presents. Sounds right to me. Love your new clothes. You can never go wrong with black and white.