Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Go Vote

There's a primary today here.  Not a lot of races are being contested but I don't like to let a chance for my voice to be heard go by so my assistant and I went to vote early this morning.  I was #15.  They're predicting a very low turnout since it's a primary but I wanted to vote against the two guys I don't like in a 3-guy race.  The rest of the people running have no same-party candidates (you have to pick a party and can only vote for those candidates in Wisconsin primaries, frustrating but that's the way it is) to triumph over to be on November's ballot which is why hardly anyone will go vote but I always warn people that voting's a right, not a privilege, that can be lost at any time.  Okay, I have more to say on the subject but since this is my favorite soapbox rant, I'll shut up and move on.

The eastern sky was just gorgeous when I opened the drapes this morning.  I know the later sunrise means that the year is turning and soon it'll be dark when I arise but I like seeing the sun make the clouds pretty colors for me in the morning.  This is the Blossom End Rot plant and it seems to be doing well after its big gulp of Epsom Salts water.  No more rotten ends, so far.

We had the best supper last night.  I made Open-Face Shrimp Rolls out of the new WW cookbook and we had Sunnyhill Farm corn on the side.  I forgot to put lettuce on the rolls before the shrimp salad but they were delish anyway.  I'll do better next time.  At lunchtime yesterday I opened up the package of low-cal pita pockets and am so glad I got them.  They're a lot thinner than regular ones so they hold the generous serving of broccoli slaw with a little cheese and turkey breast I want to stuff in there, plus they taste good.  I never thought I'd like less bread but in this case I do.  I'm still learning to like the super-thin pizza crust from Papa Murphy's but I'll get there.

After supper I added a few more rows to the shawl and am in sight of the end but it doesn't really look different so I won't clutter this up with another photo.  Just know that I'm in the home stretch and need to look up a very stretchy bind-off so I can stretch out the lace when it gets blocked.  I'm hoping to have it finished and blocked so I can show it off at Knitting Guild on the 18th.  I will, however, confess that I bought 2 skeins of acrylic yarn from Walmart's clearance aisle yesterday.  They were only two bucks each and I use acrylic to make charity hats, etc. so I can rationalize the $4 outlay.  *pats self on back*

August 9--Dennis Welsh, Hiker.  Lily sat down to catch her breath on the boulder in the sunny spot where the trail curved.  She pulled out the topographic map from her day pack to gauge her turn-around point.  Her plan had been to hike up to Roger's Rocks, have lunch, and then hike back to the trailhead and her car, but the day was cooler than forecast, she wasn't as tired and still had water so she decided to go on.  She tucked away the map, shouldered her pack, and moved on through the forest.  When she came out of the trees into a broad meadow a bear stood looking right at her.  The bear gave a chuffing cough as if warning her away.  She stood still, sliding her pack off to find the bear spray she hoped she'd remembered to pack, and trying to remember if she had any food left in it that would attract the bear.

Speaking of broccoli slaw, it's lunchtime so I'm going to say "sayonara" and fix me something to eat.

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Aunt B said...

Good for you for voting. The Donald was in Wilmington yesterday so lots of coverage of that on the local news. But we did not attend the rally -- not even to protest!!! Nice to see that tomato plant thriving so well.