Friday, August 26, 2016

Not Much

I don't really have much to say today.  I was semi-busy at work so don't have an appreciable increase in knitting to show off.  Didn't have anything noteworthy for supper either so no pictures of my plate.

After supper I fired up the Breakfast Burrito factory and cranked out a landmark 17 burritos for Durwood to have for 17 breakfasts over the next couple months.  I keep hoping that the green Reynolds Wrap will run out soon so I can get to the final box of pink Wrap leftover from Mom's kitchen.  I can't believe that in October it'll be 5 years since she died.  Sometimes it seems like forever ago and other times it seems like yesterday.  *Life*  Sometimes it's a bitch. 

Once I bagged the frozen burritos this morning I stirred together a double batch of marinade for the country style pork ribs we want to grill tomorrow night when Lala's here for an overnight escape.  The recipe calls for pork tenderloin but when Festival had country ribs for $1/lb. I'm thinking they'll do just fine.  I'm making extra for leftover or gluttony purposes.  We'll have fresh corn on the cob and a chopped salad to round out the meal.

I was happy to see this little hummingbird at the nectar feeder this morning.  They're so speedy that it's hard to get a shot that isn't blurry.  I almost had a contrasting photo of a Cooper's Hawk which was surveying our backyard when I went to the kitchen to nab some yogurt for breakfast but as soon as I got the camera out and turned on, it flew away.  How do they KNOW?

August 26--Kevin Harris, DS96-0011.  "We're twinnies," the little girls with the blond curls said in unison.  Their voices held the same note of pleasure and their faces bore identical grins.  They were dressed alike too.  "What are your names?" the woman behind the counter asked.  "I'm Ali and she's Tally," said the one on the right.  From behind them, their father said, "Allison and Natalie.  Tell the lady what you're looking for."  The little girls turned to face each other and giggled.  "It's our mama's birthday in three days..." Tally said.  "No, two," said Ali.  Tally corrected herself with a nod, "and we want to buy her the best earrings, pearl earrings."  Ali said, "She loves pearls.  Mama says that they're angels' tears that fall into the ocean."

Do you realize that 4 months from today Christmas will be over?  Isn't that crazy and a little bit scary?

I need to go get me some corn.  It's fresh corn season.  We need a lot of corn.  And then I'm going to the grocery store because they have something called Friday Freebies that you "clip" to add them to your loyalty card and this Friday, instead of the usual one item, there are seven of them, all items that you'd use to pack your kids' lunches on the first day of school--PB&J, chips, bread, apple juice, Kleenex, and Carmex--the tissues for the classroom and the Carmex for a backpack.  What a haul!  I might not have lunches to pack anymore but that stuff won't go to waste, and it's not all off-brand stuff either, those are name-brand items.  Score!

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Aunt B said...

Can't believe you still have that colored wrap from your mother's kitchen. She had sooooo much stuff. Five years worth!!! Still miss her and I always will.