Monday, August 8, 2016

I Got To Knit Last Night...

...but there was no football game for Durwood.  Seems whoever painted the centerfield logo and the end zone stuff at the Hall of Fame used the wrong paint.  The wrong paint!! which made the field concrete-hard in some places and grip-the-cleats sticky in others.  They rightly cancelled the game but I felt sorry for all of the people who had made the trip to see the game and the HOF inductees.  Durwood was bummed.  He binge-watched Lone Star Law, a show on Animal Planet (maybe? yep, Animal Planet) about game wardens in Texas, instead.  He's a fan of North Woods Law about Maine game wardens too.  I will admit they both have good scenery, lots of wildlife, and an interesting mix of drama and humor, plus the dim bulbs (they fuzz out their faces, "innocent until proven guilty," you know) that poach or go out drugging and drinking in the woods are hilarious to watch and listen to when they try to cover up their misdeeds.

I watched with him (in sympathy) for a while but then I went into the living room where I watched Rehab Addict and Salvage Dawgs (my kind of reality shows)on DIY while I knitted a few rows on the Black Bean Shawl.  I got about 5 or 6 rows added on but the rows are getting longer with every right side row so each one takes a bit longer than the previous one.  I'm getting there.


One little nasturtium blossom has opened.  I love the shape of their leaves and the red, orange, and yellow flowers.

It was so nice this morning I opened the patio door and did my yoga with the lovely, real (not air conditioned) air wafting over me and admired the patio pots of this year's garden, such as it is, when I looked out.

August 8--Blackburn Productions, Polynesian Outrigger.  Muscles rippled under their skin as the rowers dug their oars into the sea as hard as they could.  Their strokes were in perfect rhythm.  It looked as if they were connected somehow.  Five backs bent, five oars were thrust into the water, and the boat leaped ahead.

Well, that's a little better than I've managed to write the last couple nights.  I don't know why I'm so wiped out when I lie down lately.  I'm blaming the moon.  Might as well, I eat well, exercise, keep my mind occupied so I should be energized, right?  And I am... some days.  Today I'll help a friend get the polling place she works at on voting day ready for tomorrow's primary so I'll have a spot of manual labor to brighten my day.  Enjoy your Monday.

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Aunt B said...

You are being so faithful with your yoga. And the pots and plants look so pretty out there when you sit up. Good plan. I felt the pain of no football too. Glad D had an alternate entertainment plan B.