Sunday, August 7, 2016

Not So Fast

Remember how I was feeling happy and proud yesterday that our pineapple tops were doing so well out on the patio?  How none of the critters were bothering them?  Yeah, well, when I opened the curtains this morning those @#$%& squirrels had uprooted the second one.  I was so horrified that I ran out to rescue the top which was truly uprooted and lying on the seat of one of the patio chairs without taking the camera.  Trust me, it was a horrible scene.  I quickly scooped out some of the soil, eased the roots into the pot, and then put the soil back.  You'd better bet that I brought them both inside.  Squirrels! *shakes tiny fist in the air*  On a positive note, it was heartening to see the amount of roots that had developed since we potted it, but still...

Our brunch with friends got cancelled yesterday but we managed to be out quite a bit of the day.  One of the car dealers in town sent everyone a flyer with a chance to win money.  If you brought the flyer in to check your number you were guaranteed $5 and maybe more, a lot more.  Of course we got $5, not $25,000.  Oh well. 

Since we were waaaay across town we went to the Festival Foods near the car dealer.  It's a bigger store than the one nearest us and it isn't arranged quite the same way so we staggered around like lost sheep a bit but managed to get everything on the list--plus a few things, natch.  We had one of the extra purchases for supper last night.  Durwood likes to check out the fish case and noticed that they had bags of mussels on sale.  I love mussels and I have taught him to love them too, so we bought a bag of them.  I steamed them in diced tomatoes, broth, white wine, onions, garlic, and thyme.  We made every one go away.  Yum.

After our grocery safari Durwood took a snooze and I sat on the couch and finished Advent Garland Mitten #2.  I truly love the color of this yarn and I don't have much left.  I hope it's not a discontinued color.  Not that I'm in any danger of ever running out of yarn, no-sirree-bob, I'll be knitting until they carry me out feet first with what I have on hand.  (I have GOT to stop buying yarn.)

August 7--Jeffrey E. Blackman, Winter Stadium.  You would think that it would be warm in the middle of the crowd.  You would be wrong.  Even though they were packed on the metal bleachers like seated sardines...

And that's when my pencil went rogue and my eyes slammed shut.  I didn't realize that I was as tired as I must have been.  Durwood's all excited because there's a "real" football game on tonight.  The Packers are playing... somebody in the Hall of Fame game in Ohio.  Ooh, football.  Meh.  I'll knit, but I'm glad he and all the other football fans around here have a new game to watch.

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Aunt B said...

I know D was as disappointed as I was when I switched away from the Olympics to watch football (yay, yay, and yay) and saw that it was cancelled!!! No fair. I guess it was good not to take a chance if the playing field wasn't up to snuff but drat it. Glad you could rescue your pineapple from the dreaded squirrels. They are so maddening.