Saturday, August 20, 2016

Sturgeon Moon

That's what I saw in the eastern sky driving home last night.  It's called the Sturgeon Moon by tribes around the Great Lakes and Green Corn Moon by others.  The clouds left just enough of a gap for me to hurry home and then dash into the backyard with my camera.  It's actually waning, past full by a day, maybe two, but it's full enough to make a picture and call it full.

I finished August Preemie Hat #3 last night at Friday Night Knitting, making two little antennae to top it off.  Then I cast on the August Seamen's Cowl.  I'm sure running late with my charity knitting this month, aren't I?  And I have to confess I am sorely tempted to jump in to Fringe Association's Top-Down Knitalong.  Karen has challenged knitters to use her FREE basic pattern (which is more tutorial than pattern) for a top-down sweater, Improv, and to just do it on the fly.  NOT without planning and swatching and measuring and making copious notes, though, with lots of prep and hand-holding from her updated tutorials.  I have a sweater quantity of  Cascade Ecological Wool in three shades of gray and red (of course I have red, what other color would I have?) which is bulky yarn which makes for faster progress.  I could measure my all time favorite sweater, knit a swatch, and go for it, right?  RIGHT?  What else have I got to do?  I'd just knit a plain crew-neck pullover, no fancy stitches, nothing but a sweater.  I am terrified and excited about the prospect of not having a pattern to follow line by line, but just measure, swatch, and go.  Kind of feels like jumping into the ocean in dive gear the first time.  (I might have just talked myself into something here...)

This morning while doing my yoga practice a tiny flutter caught my eye.  There was a little hummingbird perched on the hand of the sculpture hanging outside the patio door.  I grabbed the camera while it fluttered in front of the door, then it bumped the glass, and perched to collect itself on a tomato cage in the drizzle, kind of a resting shower.  It hung around a bit, checking out most of the feeders and it was even still hanging around when I was out filling all the feeders, dipping its beak into the honeysuckles and trying to figure out a way to access the grape jelly.  Durwood will be pleased as he's still convinced that we've "lost" them.

When I came in from filling the feeders a young chipmunk hopped up onto the step (the dreaded ankle-breaking step) to do its morning grooming.  They're so cute--and so annoying.

Didn't write last night so, see ya.

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Aunt B said...

Ah, the wildlife in your backyard. I'm so impressed with your picture of the hummingbird actually resting there on your tomato cage. I didn't think those things ever actually rested. Nice you have photographic proof that they haven't abandoned you altogether.