Saturday, August 13, 2016

Evidently I Can't Count To Six

Last night at Friday Night Knitting I finished Advent Garland Mitten #3 and sewed in the tails.  Then I pulled out a crochet hook and yarn to make another Hexagon Christmas Stocking module.  Talk and laughter flew fast and furious last night but I finished the hexagon, weaving in tails as I went.  When I'd finished it, took out the previous four or five and made a stack I noticed something wrong with the one I'd just finished.  Can you see the problem? (One of these things is not like the other... )  Seems I made a pentagon instead of a hexagon.  Arrrgh.  *head, table*  So I cast the pentagon aside and started another one this time making sure I had six sides instead of five.  Arrrrgh.

Here's Advent Mitt #3.  These are fun and quick to make.  Next I'll crochet another stocking... or use some red and gold yarn to knit another mitten.  I could also crochet hanging loops for the knitted training socks I dug out to use for the garland.  With all the yarn and ideas I have there's no risk whatsoever that I'll run out of projects in the foreseeable future.

In happier yarn news, at work on Thursday afternoon I finished the Black Bean Shawl.  I added rows of garter edging until I wasn't sure I'd have enough left to do a really stretchy bind-off.  I probably could have done another couple rows but I wasn't willing to take the chance and have to back up all that way.  Right now it's downstairs having a little soak.  When I'm done here I'll press out (and maybe spin out) as much water as I can and then pin it out to dry, stretching it so the lace stitches show.  I hope I like it when it's done, I liked knitting it.

I got another unhappy surprise when I set down my knitting basket after FNK last night.  There was yarn poking out where the bottom joins the sides in one spot.  I unloaded it, turned it over, and discovered that most of the straw joining the bottom to the sides has broken away and there's a real danger that it'll fall apart.  Grrr.  So this morning I went downstairs, found a fabric bag big enough to carry all the knitting crap I like to drag along to work or Guild or FNK, transferred it all, got a spool of thick, tan button or carpet thread which I will use with a curved needle to rejoin the disconnected parts and shore up the still hanging on parts.  Man, I love that basket.  DS & DIL1 bought it for me in Missoula, Montana the first Christmas after they were married and I don't want it falling apart so fix it I will, even though I'll probably get blisters shoving the needle through it.

August 13--Dennis Welsh, Hikers.  Kaylee took one step back from Grant.   While they hiked the trail on the north side of Yellowstone's Grand Canyon, Grant got quiet and then increasingly angry.   At first when he wasn't talking she thought he was taking in the beauty of the early morning but after they stopped for a snack he had changed.  He walked in front so she saw his hands ball into fists and his easy gait got stiff and tense.  He started to mutter, then say crazy things about people in his way, finally he was shouting about a conspiracy to keep him from succeeding.  When they got to the deserted overlook near the falls, he whirled and said, "I know you're a part of this and I'm not going to let you ruin my life."  He reached to grab her arm but she stepped back and turned to move away from the edge.

What a dreary day.  It's overcast and still as the grave, but with 100% humidity.  It'll be a dream later when the temp is supposed to rise to near 80 degrees.  I've got a book to pick up at the Library and want to get a couple new pillows; ours have gotten pretty flat and Durwood has a 20% off coupon.  I know there are other things I should get... I think I have a list around here somewhere.

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Aunt B said...

Your shawl looks like a sting ray. Can't wait to see it when it's all stretched out showing off the lacy-look. And good for you for not letting your favorite carry-all fall apart -- not without a fight anyway. I know you can fix it!